Tuesday, November 24, 2015


You should have all received an email with this same information.


There will be an impromptu board meeting this Sunday 11/29 at 11:30AM at Panera in Springfield. This is a recently planned event. If you would like to come or have any questions please email the guild so we know how many seats we need and to answer any questions.


Monday, November 23, 2015

November Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes  November 11, 2015

Presenter:  Phyliss Porter

Minutes:  Anne Robertson

Photographer:  Madyson


Sew Night and Sew Day have been cancelled for the rest of the year.


The elections for 2016 officers were held:  President is Kelly Duke, Vice President and Programs is Daisy Schrock, Secretary and Web is Malika Walker, and Swap/Bee Blocks will be shared by Phyliss Porter and Jayne Scoggin.  Thanks for stepping up and helping EMQG become better and better!


Dues for 2016 will be $25, the same as this year.  We will start collecting them at the December meeting so that we can pay the national Modern Quilt Guild dues early in January.
The December Meeting will be a fun time!  We will play the dice game again, so bring 10  6- inch squares of holiday fabrics if you want to play.  Bring a treat to share for the dessert bar.
Also, there will be the quilt raffle for the gray and turquoise modern quilt and the raffle for the Euphoria Chocolate $50 gift card – tickets can still be purchased!  All of the information will be posted on the blog.

Permission To Play Display at the Eugene Textile Center during October was a beautiful art display!  The public and staff were very appreciative and encouraging.  Thanks to Daisy Schrock and Pat Johnston for handling the project and hanging the pieces.  The pieces can be picked up from Pat.

Sampler Quilt for 2016:  Nela Barrow and Kim Olsen again presented the new block-of-the-month for next year.  Each month, a leader or team will present a 12” or 16” block using a particular skill at the meeting, as well as rounding up online tips and tutorials.  Interested
members can then make that block or another, using that “skill-of-the-month” with their own fabrics.  You can choose to make more blocks, with the extras going to the charity quilt (a color
scheme for that will be announced).  There is no participation commitment for the entire year – you can decide which months (or all!) you want to make.  The idea is that you will end up with blocks for a quilt and have stretched your skills over the year!  Bring any ideas for skills to
learn or teach to the December meeting and we will also have signups for the monthly presentations.  Remember you can join together to present as a team or present by yourself.

Nelda announced the signups for the Bee Blocks for 2016 will be continuing through December.  This program is going to be the same as this year and is separate from the new sampler quilt program (above).  Remember this is a monthly commitment for the entire year,
(although if you have to bow out later someone can usually be found to take your place).
Daisy was the Queen Bee for November and her blocks were made from bright batik solids as various sizes of a 9-patch within a large block.  The blocks turned out great!  Madyson, the December Queen Bee, passed out her packets, made from a black and white jelly roll, to make “hash-tag” blocks.  It will be fun to see the finished blocks.


November’s Swap theme was an apron or potholders, and there were some very fun creations
in a variety of styles.  Karen McClain announced the theme for December’s Swap is a
Christmas stocking or gift bag.  Get busy sewing, ladies!


Candi Smith, the new owner of Piece By Piece Fabrics, came to give us an interesting talk on
her trip to the Fall Quilt Market, as well as to reassure us the shop will remain pretty much the
same.  Quilt Market had new and exciting things with a strong presence of both the traditional
and modern.  Trends included Australian designers and patterns, applique of all kinds, new
tools and methods, quilting on home machines, easy garment sewing, and adding metallics to
quilts.  Candi followed up her talk with a drawing for some fun goodies.


The November theme was “Past” and there were some great pieces made using old memories,
family scraps, and crazy quilts.  Pat announced December’s theme will be “Flatten”.


Carol Prud’homme, a visitor:  Quilt (her first large one) inspired by one she saw at the Coburg Quilt Show, pieced and quilted by herself, made for her granddaughter in 2015.  Beautifully

Linda Delaplain:  “Lollipop Monkey” child’s quilt with minky for a backing, Christmas table runner made with charm pack squares, and a baby quilt of jungle animals in pastel colors.  All were pieced and quilted by herself in 2015 and were adorable.

Jayne Scoggins/Phyliss Porter:  Pair of child’s quilts for twins in bright colors with matching pillowcases.  Pieced by Phyliss and quilted by Jayne.

Brenda Olson:  Throw quilt in a modern style on a green background, pieced by Brenda and
quilted by Jayne.

Nela Barrow:  “Gypsy Wife” quilt (top put together at the EMQG Retreat), cat pillow made for the Michael Miller/Violet Craft Challenge, and “No Monsters” baby quilt from pattern by Anka’s Treasures.  All were pieced and quilted by herself in 2015.  Very fun projects to see.

Jen Fogerty-Gibson:  “Intersection” quilt of blocks made by EMQG members in appreciation for her work as president (put together and quilted at the EMQG Retreat).  She will bring it back in December so we can sign our blocks!

Justine Heavilon:  “Matisse in Translation” art quilt on a frame, a rendition of Matisse’s "Circus” painting.  The applique was done by hand, quilted by herself.  Very cool piece.

Jill McKenney:  Quilt top of cube blocks started about 2000.  Inspiring to get out those old UFOs!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

October meeting


Meeting Notes   October 14, 2015


Presenter:  Daisy Schrock

Minutes:  Anne Robertson

Photographer:  Madyson John


Sew Night:  Sew Night for October has been cancelled due to lack of participation.

Sew Day:  Sew Day for October has also been cancelled due to lack of participation.

Display at Eugene Textile Center:  The EMQG Permission to Play pieces are hanging in the classroom at Eugene Textile Center through the month of October.  The staff and visitors are really enjoying them!  Go by and take a look – the address is 1510 Jacobs Drive (off Hwy 99) in west Eugene.


EMQG Retreat recap:  Our first Eugene Modern Quilt Guild Retreat was an outstanding success!  15 members plus one guest had a great long weekend in September at McKenzie River Mountain Resort in Blue River.  We had fun times, good food, quilt lessons, games, and really got to know each other much better.  11 of us had never been on a quilt retreat and this was a great introduction.  Huge thanks to Pat Johnston for putting so much effort into everything!

Our Sewing Room:  The EMQG will no longer have regularly scheduled times.  OSR is moving to a membership system starting in January, in hopes of a more financially viable situation.  Individuals can buy memberships for 3 months at a time, $20 per month for 8 half days or 4 whole days.  Walk-ins are still welcome if there is space.  The group fee will be $75 for one event.

2016 Dues:  EMQG dues are $25 for the year and we will start collecting them at the November meeting. If we decide to still be a guild. 

Workshops: Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild has invited us to attend their workshop in Philomath on October 31.  See the EMQG (October 6th post) blog for details.  Also the Emerald Valley Quilters are having a workshop this weekend with June Jaeger on pictorial quilting.

November Meeting Program: Candy, the new owner of Piece By Piece Fabrics, will be here to share the newest trends in quilting gleaned from the Fall Quilt Market.  

Speaker:  Pat asked whether members are interested in having a nationally/regionally recognized quilting speaker come and teach a class for us at Our Sewing Room sometime next year, since there has been so little interest in Sew Day/Night.  There would be costs involved.  Several members expressed interest,so it is worth pursuing the idea.

Portland Quilt Show:  Pat went the quilt show in Portland last month and really enjoyed it.  It was a great show ranging from very traditional to ultra-modern.  She highly recommends attending next year.

ELECTIONS FOR 2016:  We have members willing to take on the Vice-President, Secretary/Web, and Bee Block/Swap positions.  No one has stepped forward to do the President or Program positions.  Please give strong consideration to these positions– the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild needs YOU!  The President will have the Vice-President to give them a lot of help next year!  If we don’t have a president, we will have to drop our Modern Quilt Guild affiliation and turn into a much looser group.  Call or email any of the current board members with questions, or email eugenemqg@gmail.com .  The current board is Madyson, Daisy, Pat, Anne, Linda, Nelda, Karen, and Jessica Beaudet. 

Elections will be held at the November meeting.


It is not too late to purchase raffle tickets at $1 each for our modern quilt!  The raffle will be held at the December meeting.

We are also having a raffle for a $50 Euphoria Chocolate gift card!  It has been generously donated by member Bonnie Glass, co-owner of Euphoria.  Tickets are $1 each and the raffle will be held at the December meeting.


Linda Delaplain received her Bee blocks for October made from strip-pieced bright and colorful batik fabrics – really fun all together.  Daisy passed out her November Bee blocks – “Outside the Box”.  They are a 9-patch framed off-center by the background fabric.  Nelda Copsey mentioned it is time to think about participating in next year’s Bee.  It would be especially good if someone wants to sign up for January and get the ball rolling.


October’s theme was “Mirror”, which only had Pat participating.  She made a great piece combining Mylar with fabric and said she learned a lot and really stretched herself, which are the goals of Permission to Play.  The November theme is “Past”, so get creative and join Pat in stretching your talents!


This month’s theme for the swap was “Fall or Halloween”, producing some cute mug rugs and coasters, and a very fun spider!  Karen McClain announced the theme for the November swap is “Apron or Potholder”.  Time to think about the upcoming holidays!

NEW IDEA:  Nela Barrow and Kim Olsen presented a new idea that came from the retreat, based on a block-of-the-month.  Each participant would make a block for themselves out of their own fabric, using a different skill each month.  One person would sign up to be the “expert” each month, briefly presenting the Skill-of-the-Month at the meeting along with tips, tricks, and suggestions of tutorials, etc. for help.  There would be no commitment, just make which ones you want.  If you wanted to make multiple blocks in a month, the extras could go to a charity quilt.  Come to the November meeting with ideas for the monthly skills and what knowledge/talents you could share with the group!


Pat gave a brief demonstration of a new way of making a pineapple-type block.  It is easy and looks great.  Maybe it could be a Skill-of-the-Month for next year!  (See New Idea above)

Be sure to attend the November meeting and hear about the latest in quilting trends from Fall Quilt Market.  Candy, from Piece By Piece, will be our program speaker.


Denise Nash:  Wall-hanging top done in raw-edge applique as a picture based on a photograph of an autumn tree.  She learned the technique at a recent workshop in Coburg.  Wonderful piece, preserving the unusual perspective of the photograph.

Anne Robertson:  Baby quilt from a Moda Bakeshop pattern.  The top was completely done at the retreat (see what uninterrupted sewing time can accomplish!) – pieced and quilted by herself.

Pat Johnston:  Handbag, made with fabric and Craft-tex in arecent class at Piece By Piece.  Very nice!

Janice Hoffine and Linda Delaplain:  Showed their blocks made from the Color Therapy lesson at the EMQG retreat.  Linda also shared a table runner made with the help of her Brother Scan-and-Cut machine to perfectly cut the petal and round shapes.  Also, she talked about her recent fun visit to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.

B.J. Titus:  Wall hanging of a giant flower with 3-D butterflies.  It was just shown at the Pennsylvania State Quilt Show, where she has exhibited for several years.  Beautiful piece!

Kim Olsen:  Mug rugs made from retreat scraps of others – very bright and fun!