Sunday, April 24, 2022

Months 2 and 3 of 2022 EMQG Traveling Quilt Bee

These are the additions to our traveling quilts completed in March and April.  It's so fun to see them grow with such creativity each month!


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Magazine Page Challenge

 At the EMQG virtual meeting in January, all the members present brought a magazine. Each member was given a random page number and that magazine page became their inspiration to create a quilted piece for this challenge. The finished projects were revealed at our March meeting and here they are with lots of fun creativity on display!

The magazine page is shown first with the inspired project after it.

Interpretation of the column title: Shouts & Murmurs


Page was from The New Yorker.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Month 1 of 2022 EMQG Traveling Quilt Bee


Completed for the February meeting, here are the creative first additions to each traveling quilt.  Future posts will share more additions.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

  2022 Traveling Quilt Bee

A group of EMQG members each created a medallion block in January to start their quilt and then passed it along to the next member to add to one or two sides.  Each quilt-in-progress is accompanied by the owner's instructions for block design, colors to use, and types of desired fabrics.  Members may use their own fabrics or the quilt owner may provide the fabrics. At the monthly EMQG meeting, the quilts-in-progress (in photos since we are still meeting virtually) are shown. The goal is to have fun adding to each quilt as we work our way to September, when all the quilts will be given back to their original owners to finish - hopefully by the December meeting!

Here are the starting medallions:

A Summer Garden

Flight of the Butterflies

Solids Galore

Good Queen Bess

Cardiac Love

National Parks


Modern Brights 

Lisa the Unicorn

Thursday, December 16, 2021

EMQG December 2021

EMQG General Meeting

Virtual Christmas Party Box reveal - The meeting began by opening our mystery gift boxes that were put together by Bonnie (a big thank you, Bonnie) with donations from the community. Enclosed in each box was a sealed envelope which everyone opened at the same time, revealing the evening’s activities: a 2021 year in review and a scavenger hunt!


Nela: Thank you to everyone who looked at the Google form and volunteered to comtribute tips and skill building demonstrations next year. The membership form was sent this morning. And for virtual meetings we’re looking for a new platform that isn’t Zoom (Google for non-profit). Will keep everyone posted.


Ugly Fabric Challenge:

The projects for the final quarter challenge for 2021 were revealed. The “ugly” fabric was by Kaffe Fasset. Participants made such a variety of projects!

Ken – Table runner - pattern is “Coconut Chips” by Madison Cottage

Diane – Starburst wall hanging

Pat – Leaves

Nela – Norm the Gnome wall hanging

Denise – Mask 

Susan C – Trees wall hanging

Hilly – Giraffe wall hanging 

Linda Jo – Hot pad

Anne – Stars quilt camouflaged with other bright colors

Glenna – Paper pieced mushrooms

Jackie – A table runner that she gave to son at Thanksgiving because he loves the “ugly” fabric

Also participating in the challenge were:

Jill McKenny – Was inspired by the Day of the Dead

Kim – “If it’s so ugly you haven’t cut it small enough” Used her piece on a quilt

Kelly – Used fabric in two quilt project blocks

Rush – Made a round tortilla warmer

Jenny – Made three blocks inspired by science research and covid

Bonnie – Made a wall hanging for her sewing room


Challenges Show and tell

Anne – November leaf block

Linda Jo – Calendar blocks with Hawaiian fabrics on the design wall

Linda Jo – Paint chip challenge camper wall hanging

Show and Tell

Denise – On-line class by Australian quilter Brenda Lael Smith “Fundamentally Circles”

Denise – Paper pieced wall hanging in Christmas fabric “NY Beauty” by David Sirota

Nela – Christmas quilt Maywood Studios free pattern

Nela - Bonnie Sullivan flannel panel “Snow Days” a free pattern Maywood

Jackie – Wall hanging “My Favorite Things” from Annie Downs’ book Some Kind of Wonderful and quilted by Susan Miner 

Jackie – Red and white embroidered blocks holiday quilt Design from Primitive Gatherings

Anne – Made an engagement gift for daughter “All You Need is Love” from Violet Craft and quilted by Ken. Fabric is by Bonnie Cristine.

Anne – Christmas quilt that was quilted by Jane Scoggin 

Anne – Jelly roll strips “Trip Around the World” from a class taught by Kelly

Linda Del – “Let it Snow” panel pillow 

Linda Del – Holiday quilt made in a Paramount quilt bee

Ken –Thanksgiving table runner in Kaffe Fasset fabrics

Ken – Snowflake quilt with matching pillow shams 

Ken – “Village” with trees