Monday, November 13, 2017

2018 Officers

At our last meeting the following members were voted as officers for 2018. Congratulations and thank you to those that volunteered.

President - Nela Barrow
Program Chair - Kim Olsen
Secretary - Missy Downy
Treasurer - Susan Creed
Photographer - Janice Hoffine

Donation of fabrics to Santa Rosa

At our last meeting it was suggested that we might want to donate fabric to the Santa Rosa Modern Quilt Guild for those quilters that lost their homes. After checking the online site they indicated that they were overloaded with fabric donations at this time.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Election of Officers

We will be voting on officers at our November meeting. Currently we have the following volunteers for these positions:

President - Nela Barrow
Vice Chair/Program Coordinator - Kim Olsen
Secretary - Missy Downey

We still need a volunteer for Treasurer. Please let me know if you are interested.

November Meeting

Just a reminder that our November meeting is this Wednesday, November 8. We have a speaker coming to talk about Terial Magic and its uses.

If you have any quilt/or sewing items that have words/pictures printed on the fabric from a printer we would like you to bring those to share. The rep from Terial Magic will have some examples but it would be nice to see other projects that have used words on them. 

Terial Magic is a unique liquid fabric stabilizer that is revolutionizing the fabric arts. By infusing the fabric threads, Terial Magic turns fabric into a fray-free, paper-like material that can be manipulated in ways that were previously unavailable to fabric artists.