Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Catching up on the Traveling Quilts (Part Two)

 Here are the other four Traveling Quilts with their in-progress and up-to-date photos.  In September, after the final addition, all of the quilt tops will be traveling back to their owners for finishing. Just one more month to go!

National Parks


Modern Brights

Lisa the Unicorn

Catching up on the Traveling Quilts (Part One)

Although the EMQG Traveling Quilts haven't been tracked here on the website the last few months, they have been growing by leaps and bounds. Here are the up to date versions of all nine quilts along with the in-between versions, shown in this post and the next.  Only one more month to go and they will be handed back to their owners for finishing!  

A Summer Garden

Flights of the Butterflies

Solids Galore

Good Queen Bess

Cardiac Love

And now for Part Two with the other four quilts...