April 'Show and Tell'


Thanks so much to all of you who were able to send in photos for our virtual monthly 'Show and Tell' - it's so nice to see all of your beautiful works.

The board is talking about plans for the May meeting - we'll be in touch soon. We hope everyone is doing well.

From Jill

From Anne

Solids Challenge Wall Hanging - I had a rainbow charm pack of Kona solids (pretty much the only solids I own) and found a rainbow heart pattern by Kate Spain. It, however, was a giant heart lap size quilt so I shrank the heart way down and mine is made of 1” HSTs. The appliqué tag is because it needed something else. The little sewing machines are a stitch on my machine, so I quilted two of the rows with them.

My March Mystery blocks - Very fun!

Fat Quarter Challenge - I finished my 48 - 4” stars for my Christmas quilt! So excited because I’ve been working on them for several months.

Sanity - saving project: playing catch-up on my Sew Sampler BOM blocks.

Hopefully see you all next month?Anne Robertson

From Janice

The first photo is of a crowler (a to go quart can) beer can that is my inspiration for the solids challenge. In the second photo I am holding a Bear Paw quilt that I started during quarantine so I would have something bright and cheerful to work on. I saw a similar quilt online. Binding is going on today. 

From Jackie

From Sharon

I'm attaching a photo of the one (!) churn dash block that I've completed. When the stay at home order was issued, I assumed I'd be doing a lot of quilting, but instead I've been incredibly distracted, picking projects up and putting them down, in between trips to the computer for the latest news.  I have sewn a lot of face masks, however, so there's that. I'm hoping the next month will be more productive.  I sure miss having a live meeting this month.  The virtual world has its limitations.

I made this quilt for a friend who has a baby grandson due in July. The father-to-be is a graphic designer and his wife is an interior designer with a modern aesthetic. My friend wanted a quilt with a graphic quality, something that would work for a little boy. This is what we came up with. The pattern is called Flag Day Quilt, designed by Brigit Gail.  Still to be quilted...

The second photo is of two face masks, almost finished and ready to go out the door to some neighbors who don't have masks. I could never have imagined this is what I would end up making with the Kaffe Fassett and Marcia Derse fabric I purchased last year.  Kudos to the many people who have made hundreds of these masks over the past month.  

From Daisy

Photos attached. I took a shoebox bin of warm colored solids and made this twin-size quilt. It's an improv slash and shuffle design: freeform a couple of cuts, move a top fabric or two to the bottom of the stack, sew together, trim to a consistent size. My quilt was inspired by this one made by a modern quilter in Virginia.

I machine quilted my version on my domestic sewing machine with a walking foot.This is the first time I've ever done spiral quilting. The center was a bit of a struggle but once the spiral got going it was the easiest quilting pattern I've ever done. 

The entire quilt was made in 3 weeks in January. (I was inspired by the First Thursday Slow Stitchers and the fact that I actually owned a shoebox full of solid fabrics. I didn't think I had any.)

I'm so sorry we won't have a meeting this month. Hope to see everyone soon.

From Linda Delaplain

Top - this was a project that I had started but the piecing still needed completed, now it just needs backing and quilted. 

Middle left - this was another UFO, a wall hanging that needed quilted. There is a quilt that goes with this but still needs quilted.

Middle right - another UFO that needed quilted, a bed runner and pillows.

Bottom - a table topper that I did for Easter.

For the solids challenge I used the angle rulers that I purchased from Ken. I have been wanting to try them out so thought this was a good opportunity to use them.

Mystery Blocks

From Hillie

From Susan

Here's the picture of my churn dash blocks. I'm pleased with them.

Solids:  I had this idea to make some paper pieced daffodils with blues, yellows and greens and then figure out how to arrange them. Here is a picture of the lovely fabric I purchased and the one daffodil I completed. 😕
I thought I'd get a lot done in this isolation but the focus seems to be lacking.  


From Denise
Yes, have been making masks for more than a month now. Burning out, but our local fire department asked for additional ones. So I shall continue for a while. Don't think my solids project is going to be picked up again any time soon. 

But here's a 2020 family portrait: Denise, Pascal and Tom Nash.

From Nela

My solids challenge project is called "Hemispheres" by Megan Nichols. I started this project many years ago and finished it for this challenge.  I chose to quilt it with concentric circles, centered on the Wasabi pinwheel. 

From Phyllis

I know school starts at 8:00 and we are no finished until after 3:00 we take brakes run off steam and have lunch 😆 live stream, google classroom, zoom my quilting is taking a back seat now but love to see your projects keep sending information every one stay safe and have a good Easter and Passover 💕

From Renee

Hello EMQG peeps,

Hope you’re all well, thanks for your work. Looking forward to seeing all the pics of everyone’s blocks and to getting back to meeting this summer!

From Neena

Hello everyone. I have not completed the March block but am determined to get to it....getting a little behind.
The picture is of my Solids quilt which is still just in pieces stuck to the wall. I made the triangle blocks from a picture called American Pie. It's an old design I saw in a history book about quilts and is also on the web. I am drawn to geometric designs.  However, I have no idea in what order to join them together. I'll be internetting about that next. I've decided I will stop here instead of making a larger quilt that will never get done. (And the next row will require a lot of strip sets). Just a little bull's eye to hang on the wall and throw stuff at when I'm frustrated....Ha. 
I've sewn some masks for family and friends and am doing a lot of gardening as I have to be out of the house. Not a weed in sight, well almost. I may be offering tomato starts...I have a bunch. 
Hope everyone is doing OK.


From Linda Dye

Here’s the start of my Solids quilt, still on the design wall. Still needs five more blocks and gray sashing. And I need to purchase the batting! But it’s taken a back seat to mask making so no promises of completion by next month. (I have 20 mask kits arriving tomorrow) Hope everyone is doing well.

From Ken

I present “COVID-19”.  The four colorful pluses represent Ron, Gracie, Glady, and myself.  The darks are the negativity we are surrounded by.  The shots of colors in the quilting represent where it’s all coming from: gray is the news, blue is Facebook, etc.  I’ll let you figure out the orange...

Close Up

Other Projects: Two baby quilts for twins (backs have their names pieced in) and masks