Thursday, September 20, 2018

Kim's "Mystery With Letters"

Kim offered a project for those who are interested.  She referenced the Portland MQG site for a Word Quilt Challenge.  Also check out to find the patterns for letters posted by Moda.
See Kim's information posted below:

For this mystery:
This is a study in looking at contrasts and color value,  to distinguish between Darks and Medium/Lights.  Some letters will be dark to make words that will be dark in value and others light or medium.  This works best if the background is light! 

There will be 20 letters in total.  A collection of 5 will be introduced each month.  Some light/medium and some dark.  You can create your letters in whatever style you choose, lower case or capitals, and of which size you prefer.  Just remember to be consistent throughout as the letters will be mixed to spell words. This will make a lap sized quilt if you make the Moda 8" by 10" size letters.
One may want to add some favorite pieced blocks to fill in as well.  Otherwise, the negative space areas will be available for your beautiful free motion quilting! :-)

April letters:   E = 3 light or medium
                       E = 1 dark
                       K = 1 dark

May letters:  S = 2 light or medium
                     S = 1 dark
                     R = 1 light or medium
                     R = 1 dark

June letters:  T = 2 light or medium
                     O = 1 light or medium
                     D = 2 dark

September letters:  H = 1 light
                               W = 1 light
                               P = 1 light
                               A = 1 dark
                               I = 1 dark

And these letters placed together create:

Thanks Kim for the fun project opportunity! 

September 2018 Eugene MQG Meeting


PNW Meetup:  4 EMQG members attended and reported that they had a great time with the group of attendees who gathered in the Sisters/Bend area.

Barn Quilt Block Workshop:  13 attendees and the barn quilt blocks look great!

Next Sew Day Saturday Sept 22  10-4 Eugene Garden Club

Eugene MQG Retreat:  October 4-7, 2018.  If you are registered to attend look for an email coming from Nela for details.

Michael Miller Fabric Challenge bundles were handed out to participating Eugene MQG members.  It is due to be completed by November 30, 2018.

Emerald Valley Quilters Quilt Show:  October 6-7, 2018 at the Lane Event Center. EMQG member Ken is the organizer this year!

Oregon Regional SAQA Conference "Unpredictable Outcomes"  Oct 18, 2018.  Will include Pat Pauly, keynote speaker; Artist Panel; Gallery Curator talk, SAQA Conversations.  Register at  This will be held at the LCC main campus.  EMQG member Daisy is involved in this event!

**October meeting: Members will be voting for officers for 2019.  Please email the guild nominations for any of the following positions:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Photographer.

Donation quilt 2019:  IMPROV block.  What do you think?  It is the "other choice" from last year's donation quilt ideas.   Please sew a block of 'bright' like colors together, unfinished size is 10 inches.  Make more than one if you like!  : )  See examples below:

UFO Challenge:

Jill and her completed bag!

Jill was the lone member to complete the challenge this month and the winner of the fat quarters!
There are 6 individuals who signed up for this months' challenge.

Traveling Quilt Bee:

Susan's medallion

Jackie's medallion

Pat's medallion

Penny's medallion

Sorrel's medallion

Missy's medallion
Jenny's medallion

Nela's medallion

Gail's medallion

Denise's medallion

Janice's medallion

Kim's medallion
Linda's medallion

Ken's medallion

Jill's medallion

Hillie's medallion

Show and Tell:

Virginia showing a quilt which was anonymously donated to Bags of Love.
Jackie's quilt front
and back!

Susan's "liberated quilting" houses and stars
Jayne's Judy Neimeyer Poinsettia table topper
Jayne's Mini Wonderful Curves placemats

Phyllis's Mini Wonderful Curves tulips quilt

Phyllis with a quilt using Laurel Birch panel fabric

Phyllis and her PNW meetup bag completed!

Ken showing his quilt

and the quilting detail on the back

Doris and another I Spy quilt for a grandson

and the back!

2018 Donation Quilt quilted!  Thank you Jayne for your beautiful work!!
Ken has volunteered to make and sew the binding on the quilt and Gail said she would finish sewing the binding down! A big thank you to both of you as well!

Look forward to seeing you and your new creations next month.  Happy sewing!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

August 2018 Eugene MQG

Annual Picnic meeting!

Good food, beautiful quilts, table runner swap and fun conversations.


Sew Day on Sunday August 19 has already happened and was a load of fun!!

Barn Quilt Workshop with Sheila Sinclair Snyder
  Sunday September 8   10-4  Eugene Garden Club

UFO FQ Challenge:

2 people completed the challenge.  Missy strong armed Kim for the fat quarters!

Missy's baby quilt

Kim's Gypsy Wife section

There are 5 individuals who signed up for this next months' challenge!

Table Runner/Placemat Swap:

Kathy, Virginia and Pat swapped items and they were beauties!

Traveling Quilt Bee:

Ken's medallion

Jenny's medallion

Kim's medallion

Linda's medallion

Nela's medallion

Susan's medallion

Denise's medallion

Jackie's medallion

Janice's medallion

Jill's medallion

Gail's medallion

Hillie's medallion

Missy's medallion

Penny's medallion

Pat's medallion

Show and Tell:

Jill's "Lightning on the Metolius"

Sorrel showing her Anna Maria Horner Plus quilt

Kelly's Irish Chain quilt

Nela's Sleeping Porch quilt

Ken's Star Wars quilt

With Yoda on the back!