Kim's "Mystery With Letters"

Kim offered a project for those who are interested.  She referenced the Portland MQG site for a Word Quilt Challenge.  Also check out to find the patterns for letters posted by Moda.
See Kim's information posted below:

For this mystery:
This is a study in looking at contrasts and color value,  to distinguish between Darks and Medium/Lights.  Some letters will be dark to make words that will be dark in value and others light or medium.  This works best if the background is light! 

There will be 20 letters in total.  A collection of 5 will be introduced each month.  Some light/medium and some dark.  You can create your letters in whatever style you choose, lower case or capitols, and of which size you prefer.  Just remember to be consistent throughout as the letters will be mixed to spell words. This will make a lap sized quilt if you make the Moda 8" by 10" size letters.
One may want to add some favorite pieced blocks to fill in as well.  Otherwise, the negative space areas will be available for your beautiful free motion quilting! :-)

April letters:   E = 3 light or medium
                       E = 1 dark
                       K = 1 dark

May letters:  S = 2 light or medium
                     S = 1 dark
                     R = 1 light or medium
                     R = 1 dark

June letters:  T = 2 light or medium
                     O = 1 light or medium
                     D = 2 dark