Where Do I Find Information about EMQG?

Eugene Modern Quilt Guild
Where do I find information?

“The Blog” / Our Website
“The blog” is the EMQG public-facing website.  Information posted on here can be accessed by anyone and consists of information about our meetings and us as a guild.   If you were to Google EMQG, this is the site that will show first in the results.
Going forward, this will be our main source of communication.  To ensure you get notifications when a new post is made, follow these steps:
1.       Open the website.
2.       On the right-hand side, locate “Follow by Email”. 
3.       To get notifications for new posts, confirm “Posts” is selected.  To get notifications of all comments made on the posts, confirm “All Comments” is selected.
4.       Enter your email address in the box.
5.       Click Submit.
6.       Complete the submission request confirmation pop up box.
7.       In your email confirmation, confirm the subscription request. ** This may be in your Spam or Junk folder. **

The Modern Quilt Guild Website
The Modern Quilt Guild website is an international website that all members of the MQG have access to.  The information on this site is not truly public as the blog above is, but it is public to all other MQG members throughout the world.  There is a Eugene community group that you can subscribe to (to receive emails any time there is a post made there).
To join the Eugene group:
1.       Across the top, select Community > Groups.
2.       Enter “Eugene” in the “Limit to” box.
3.       Click Join Group (orange button).
4.       Click Join.
To subscribe to the MQG emails:
1.       Click Settings (top right-hand corner).
2.       If not highlighted by default, click “Notification settings”.
3.       Select how often you would like to receive emails.
4.       Check “Send email notifications by default”.
5.       If not highlighted by default, click “Groups you follow”.
6.       Check “Send email?”

We are currently working to gain access to the Facebook page.  The admin that created the site is longer a guild or Facebook member so we have run into some difficulties.  This page has not been used since June.  This page is accessible by all members of the Facebook public.
The Instagram account is used to post pictures from the meetings.  If you post pictures from the meeting, please tag us!  Or you can use the hashtag #EMQG for any guild-related pictures or projects you’re working on!  All pictures and hashtags linking to the EMQG are public.
The Flickr account was used in the past to post pictures from the EMQG meetings and projects.  However, this has not been used in several years so it is not a reliable source of communication.