February 2017 Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The February meeting started at 7 pm and ended about 9 pm.

Our speaker for the evening was guild member, BJ Titus. BJ shared many of her amazing, award-winning quilts!  Thank you for sharing with us, BJ!

Meeting Business:
There were 20 members and 4 guests in attendance.  We had one new member and 7 returning members complete membership forms, bringing our current 2017 membership to 31 paid members.  If you have not renewed your membership yet, please do so in order to continue your Modern Quilt Guild benefits.

Effective March 2017, we will begin implementing the guild policy that allows guests to visit twice without paying.  On the third visit, guests will be expected to pay a $3 fee.

Remember to wear your name badges! This month, Nelda Copsey and Kathy Alexander won great prizes for remembering theirs!

A drawing was held for all paid members for a great Modern Quilt Guild day planner and our winner was Penny Deggelman!  Hope you enjoy your planner, Penny!

Our President, Linda Delaplain, received a goody bag from the Modern Quilt Guild.  Beginning in March, we will be selling raffle tickets for $1 each for the goodies in the bag.  

The Guild currently had one donation quilt and one being quilted and we need to decide where to donate the quilts.  Several options were suggested.

A committee was formed for the 2018 donation quilt.  The members of the committee will be Missy Downey, Shawna Haynes, Jill McKenney, Kim Olsen, and Nelda Copsey.

A suggestion was presented by the Board to find another meeting place for the guild.  One suggestion given to the Board was Eugene Garden Club (thank you for the idea, Jill!).  This option has been looked into and the location is very nice and would allow for the Guild to grow since we have outgrown the current location.  Some discussion took place regarding the cost and whether we can afford to continue with this option.  Some options presented were increasing yearly membership or pay per visit.  A survey will be sent out to the membership with other options.  Also, some further data will be compiled as to expenses and will be presented at the next meeting.

During the research for a possible new location, it was discovered that the Guild does not have insurance.  One option has been looked into for $278 annually for $1,000,000 in coverage.  Other options will be reviewed for potentially less expensive coverage, but this is a mandatory expense the Guild will need to take on as soon as possible.

Sew Night is currently an event held the Wednesday following the Guild meeting.  Due to low attendance, the recommendation was to cancel Sew Night for the time being.  A motion was made by Missy Downey and seconded by Shawna Haynes.  A vote was held and the motion passed.

The February swap was for something heart-related or red.  The March swap will be a needle book.

The Bee Blocks were returned to Daisy Schrock and Shawna Haynes passed out her Bee Blocks for next month.  Keep an eye out for additional information about Bee Blocks.  

Laura Lowe shared with us some information about Emerald Valley Quilters and their speakers. All EMQG members are welcome to attend EVQ meetings!  Meetings are $3 for guests unless there is a speaker and then the fee is $5.  

Show and Tell was awesome! See below for some pictures of the fun projects our members have been working on!

Martha Johnson from the River Bend NICU attended to share some information about NICU quilts.  Kits will be available so just bring yourself and a sewing machine!  Martha also shared that it is asked that any returned NICU quilts be washed prior to being turned in.

Our next meeting will be held Wednesday, March 8th.  Please remember you name badge!