Sept. Meeting and Election for 2017 Officers

We'll have several exciting events at our next meeting, this Wednesday, Sept. 14th, at the McNail-Riley House on the corner of 13th & Jefferson.
Elections for next year's officers! We have a full slate of volunteers. Please come and support them.
Guest Speakers: Linda D. and Phylis P. will be demonstrating the wonders of their Scan & Cut machines.
GEEK/Fandom swap - The Big Reveal! Swappers, you've had three months to make something wonderful for your secret partner. We're all anxious to see what you created!
Skill Builder Series - If you've created any of the blocks in this year's Skill Builder series, please bring them to this meeting to show. We'd like to see how folks are coming along. If you have several loose blocks, you could pin them to a sheet so we can see the "quilt".
Plus, Bee Blocks and Show-and-Tell!
Doors open at 6:30 pm; meeting starts promptly at 7 pm.