May skill builder

2016 Eugene MQG Skill Building BOM




TopicDresden Plate


PresenterKim Olsen



How to make Dresden blades and an applique circle. Work on quarter inch seams. Also, sew down/applique onto background














Tutorial websites

Pat Sloan Dresden Tutorials  (Pat Sloan blogged about many different tutorials

Giant Scrappy Dresden Plate Tutorial

Sew Mama Sew Dresden Tutorial

Missouri Quilt Star Dresden Plate Tutorial Video

Bunny HIll Design Dresden Plate


Proposed Quilt Block (16.5” unfinished)

I used a 30 degree ruler, as I could not locate my 18 degree one. The 30 degree ruler makes 12 blades in the dresden plate, while the 18 degree makes 20. Blades can be made from almost any isosceles triangle that divides evenly into 360 degrees: so one can use a 45 (makes 8 blades)(kaleidoscope ruler anyone?) or a 60 degree one that makes only 6. I used a 6 inch strip of fabric to cut the blades, but placed the 7 inch line of the wedge ruler at the top and had an inch of the ruler hang out over lower part of fabric. This makes a resulting circle that is close to 14 inches in diameter. The center circle will easily cover the resulting hole in the center. It is easier to sew this way than having the points join in the center. Having the plate be 14 inches allows for centering, or skewing, as you prefer. One could make any size at all! I used a lid from a can of peanuts to draw around for a template (cereal box) for the center. Cut about a quarter inch larger than desired circle size and using a double threaded needle, I sewed around and pulled it up around the template. Starch and press! Probably best to use a 17 inchsquare for background. As one sews/appliques on the dresden plate, it may cause shrinkage! Ha Ha! The tutorials on Sew Mama Sew and Bunny Hill give very good tips for the sewing. Well worth reading :-) There are many variations in color placement and striping that would be very fun to try!