Meeting Re-Cap: March 2016

30 members in attendance 
  • Our EMQG president, Kelly, called the meeting to order promptly at 7pm and welcomed our new guest, Ruby Tarkington. 
  • Announcements were made and housekeeping issues were addressed by Kelly in lieu of a guest speaker:
  1. Kelly is looking for volunteers to assist with reviewing of the 2014 by-laws with the intent of updating them for our current needs. Three members volunteered.
  2. Only the January skill building blocks will be used for a donation quilt. The other monthly blocks are for members to create for personal use.
  3. Consensus was reached that the Guild will NOT pursue making a raffle quilt this year. If a specific need for fundraising arises, the group will revisit the idea or other fundraising methods. 
  4. There are 7 butterfly quilts (for Bags of Love) that need to be finished. We will plan to finish them at next week's sew night as they need to be delivered to Bags of Love. Daisy will finish cutting them before sew night. 
  5. We will be having our first "Sit & Sew" luncheon at the Market of Choice on 29th and Willamette on March 29 from 10am to 1pm. This is a social event that encourages members to come, hang out, grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee and do some hand sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, etc.
  • EMQG members that attended QuiltCon West gave recaps and highlights of their experiences. They all reported it as being a positive, entertaining and amazing event. Jayne showed the buttons she collected and Kim said it was the best time she has had in years! Kathy told us that the quilters were encouraged the "find their voice" and look for inspiration.
  • The March Skill Builder Block of the Month was "Improv Free Form" and Shawna was the presenter. The instructions are in the March Skill Builder post and were handed out at the meeting. The block is a free form, straight line style that is great for scrappy and bold looks. 
  • If you are following along with the Skill Builder Block of the Month program, please bring your completed blocks to next month's meeting (April), so that we can share them and see everyone's work so far! A group photo is wanted! 
  • The swap for March was iPad covers and there were some amazing ones! April's swap is decorated tea towels! 
  • March Permission to Play was "Going in Circles" and April's is "Transparency". 
  • The March bee blocks for Pat J. were turned && everyone turned in a block!!!

Photos coming soon!!!