2016 Eugene MQG Skill Building BOM




TopicFlying Geese block


PresenterDaisy Schrock


Objectives: Learn to make flying geese blocks without triangle pieces

Learn the sew-and-flip method to create a single block.

Learn the no-waste method to create four blocks at a time.

Learn to save the goose’s beak when seaming blocks together.


Tutorial websites

Flying Geese – Make ‘em fast – two methods

How-to-sew-Flying-Geese four methods, includes charts for common size units for each method

Craftsy How to make flying geese three methods

Sew-and-Flip method (video)

No Waste Flying Geese (video)


Proposed Quilt Block (16” finished)



The sample was made with white and blue fabrics, using the sew-and-flip method. To make the “chevrons”, you will need blocks that alternate the color of the goose. One block will have a goose the color of the background (white) with a sky of the main color (blue). The alternate block will have a goose in the main color (blue) and background (white) sky.


Cut four 4½” x 8½” rectangles in the main colorway for the geese.

Cut eight 4½ squares in the background color for the sky.


Cut four 4½” x 8½” rectangles in the background color for the geese.

Cut eight 4½ squares in the main colorway for the sky.


Make 8 flying geese blocks. Alternate blocks to create the chevrons.