Spring Quarter Board Minutes



March 15, 2015

Present: Madyson John, Linda Delaplain, Daisy Schrock, Anne Robertson, Nelda Copsey

1. Donation Quilt – Daisy has finished the top and backing, she has the batting from Denise Nash, and she will get it all to Susan Miner for quilting soon. The deadline for being completely done is the end of 2015.

2. Raffle Quilt - We do need a coordinator for this project, preferably not someone on the board already. We need to get this quilt made fairly soon so we can display it to sell raffle tickets. We want to sell tickets at several events and raffle the quilt later in the year. Madyson will check with local quilt shops about selling tickets and donations for the materials to make the quilt. Nelda will check with the Lane County Fair about selling tickets at the Textile Section. Since EVQ already does, they may have to agree to let EMQG sell tickets also.

The Board agreed on using the MQG March Pattern of the Month, “Use Your Illusion” by Cheryl Brickey. It was also agreed to use teal with a light gray background, purchasing all the fabric with guild members chipping in for the cost. We could have a demo of the pattern and make a start at Sew Night and then use Sew Day to make a lot of progress, in April and/or May.

3. Corvallis MQG – Madyson has been in touch and we will plan a get-together with them this summer. Several of them went to QuiltCon. They do a booth at the Corvallis Farmer’s Market once a year.

4. Retreat – There were several suggestions for retreat activities including an icebreaker game, prizes, mini-classes, a mystery small project. Madyson may be able to get teaching materials from her grandmother who teaches quilting. Daisy volunteered to coordinate snacks. We do need to set up a committee.

5. Coburg Quilt Show – Need to create a EMQG Blog Wish List of items which members could donate to sell at our booth. June Sew Day and Night could be used to prepare bags of precuts and scraps. Last year, Piece By Piece Fabrics donated $150 worth of products for us to sell, so we will ask again this year.

6. Meeting Times – The monthly meetings have been getting longer and longer. Suggestions for ending earlier included:

Start promptly at 7:00 pm.

Permission To Play: pin creator’s name to her piece, display them in the front corner, perhaps discuss one special piece instead of all of them.

Swap: have everyone participating stand to the side of the room so it can proceed faster without waiting for people to make their way up front.

Daisy will email Pat with these suggestions.

7. Charity – It was agreed that the a portion of the Raffle Quilt proceeds should go to a charity, probably a different one each year or two. Madyson suggested choosing Cascade Health Solutions this year for their program to fund mammograms for women who can’t afford them. She will work on getting the program information. This idea will be brought to the guild for a vote.