Present: Madyson John, Linda Delaplain, Daisy Schrock, Pat Johnson, Anne Robertson, Jessica Beaudet, Nelda Copsey
Jessica is taking over the Social Media/Photographer position.  Either Karen McClain or Lillian Shoupe will take over Jessica’s position of Swap Organizer.
1.  Technical Communication:  Madyson suggested using the Modern Quilt Guild’s web site for EMQG members to access our guild’s member information, rather than finding a secure way to put it on our web site.  She and Jessica will do a “how-to” session at the February guild meeting on the web sites, signing up for the blog emails, joining the EMQG Group on the MQG web site, using the comment boxes, etc.  Jessica suggested encouraging members to use Flicker, Instagram, and Pinterest to share projects.  Jessica has a goal of two posts per week on the blog, including photos and captions.  All present were excited about moving forward with these ideas.
2.  Board Position Transitions:  Madyson will hand over the treasurer documents to Linda after the taxes are done for 2015.  Jennifer Fogarty-Gibson can help with treasurer issues.  Madyson will hand over the membership records to Anne at the January meeting, since the secretary is the keeper of those records.
3.  Ideas for Regular Activities:  Daisy suggested putting information on the blog to further progress in our charity quilt projects.  Jessica suggested putting Swap guidelines on the list of the year’s swaps including that there is no obligation, just month to month.  Madyson said there may be enough interest in the Bee Blocks to have two groups; maybe one could be for 10 months rather than 12, or one could be a Scraps Only group.  There was discussion about the Bees being a learning experience and trying new things, making them somewhat challenging, and being of a more modern design, as well as suggestions for block ideas.
4.  Calendar:  Madyson has created a EMQG calendar for 2015 with a list of events.  The board agreed that EMQG will pay for the printing and the calendars will be distributed at the January EMQG meeting.
5.  Sew Nights:  Held on the third Wednesday of the month at McNail-Riley House at 6:30 until about 8:30 pm.  Madyson unlocks the door at 6:30 pm, but if no one else comes by 6:45 pm she will leave.  Attendance has been poor.
6.  Sew Days:  Held on the fourth Saturday of the month at Our Sewing Room from 10 am until 4 pm.  Discussion was held about improving participation in Sew Days e.g. teaching classes and resurrecting Block of the Month demonstrations.  Daisy volunteered to do a Quilt As You Go class.  It was suggested to show samples or brief demonstrations at the EMQG meetings to draw interest, as well as describing the resources at Our Sewing Room.  Perhaps charge a fee for non-members.  Nelda announced that Our Sewing Room wants to hang EMQG modern quilts for a month.  It will be discussed at the January meeting.
7.  Other Modern Quilt Guilds:  Pat suggested a outing some time to a Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting, possibly staying overnight at members’ homes and visiting quilt shops the next day.  Madyson has been in touch with the Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild and they may want to get together.  All present are very interested in the possibilities.
8.  2015 Board Meetings:  Dates for the board meetings for the rest of 2015 were set, approximately every two months.

9.  Daisy announced that a Textile Show is currently running at the Maude Kerns Art Gallery.  She will bring postcards to the January meeting.