Saturday, February 28, 2015

Swaps circa 2015


I hope everyone is having fun at the sew day.  The swap page is now updated and ready for swapping direction and planning.

I am looking for ideas for blog posts and things y'all might want featured on the blog.  Things that would be fun:

-great tutorials you found that you want to share the link to

-quilty news that you want us all to know

-organizational ideas

-anything else that you think might be of interest to our guild membership

All you have to do is send me an email with the info or link included and I will post it for you--easy as pie. You don't need to write anything fancy just an idea is great (additionally, if there are things I am forgetting to update-- I appreciate the kind emails-- they keep me on track!)

Let's make our site a space that we go to for inspiration!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2014- A retrospective.


**Officers for 2014:
President: Jennifer F-G.
Presenters/Master of Ceremonies:  Daisy S. and Phylis P.
Secretary:  Missy D., Karen M. alternate
Treasurer:  Madyson J.
Program Director:  Linda D.
Social Media/Photographer:  Shawna H.
Swap Organizer:  Kathleen C.
Bee Organizer: Nelda C.

**Joined the National Modern Quilt Guild in May 2014.  Hard work earlier in 2014 resulted in completing the bylaws for the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild and the membership voted to pass the motion to join the national guild.   The EMQG was also signed up with the state of Oregon for non-profit status, as well as a bank account was opened and a post office box was secured.  Thank you to Madyson J. and Jennifer F-G. for steerheading this work and making it happen.

**A new EMQG logo created by Shawna H. and Madyson J. was chosen and placed on our blog and Facebook page as well as postcards and business cards were printed.

**Booth at the Coburg Quilt Show in July spearheaded by Karen M.  It was our first time having a community booth and it appeared that our presence was well received.  We raffled off the “Urban Chicken” quilt and sold items to help raise funds for the guild, as well as provided a lot of postcards to inform the public of our guild.

**Donation quilt organized by Kelly D.  “Urban Chicken” blocks were made by guild members, Kelly D. pieced the quilt, Shawna H. donated batting, Madyson J. donated the backing fabric, Denise M. quilted it and Jessica B. completed the binding.

**Donation quilt blocks organized by Pat J. currently in the works.  Black/white and color strips make up this block.

**Speakers in 2014.
March:  EMQG member Kim O. presented different ways to make flying geese blocks.

May:  EMQG member Daisy S. spoke about graphic impact and gave suggestions in how to organize your quilts to maximize the “wow” factor.

June:  Guest presenter: Millie from Paramount spoke about basic sewing machine maintenance.

July:  Guest presenter:  Di Barrong, founder of Bags of Love discussed this organization she started and shared flyers and patterns of the butterfly blanket.

August:  yearly outdoor potluck/social meeting

September:  EMQG member Linda D. offered information about labeling your quilt.

November:  Guest presenters: Elizabeth Bamberger, Laura Jaszkowski and Diane English spoke to members about Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc (SAQA).  They shared a “trunk show” of examples of work created by members from all over the world.

December:  year-end social meeting

**Voted in new officers for the 2015 year, effective Jan 1, 2015.
Officers elected:
President:  Madyson J.
Presenters/Master of Ceremonies:  Daisy S. and Phylis P.
Secretary:  Anne R.
Treasurer:  Linda D. (Jennifer F-G. resigned)
Program Director:  Pat J.
Social Media/Photographer:  Jessica B. (Shawna H. resigned)
Swap Organizer:  Karen M. (Jessica B. took over social media/photographer position)
Bee Organizer:  Nelda C.

Thanks Missy for compiling this summary for us!  I am excited for the new things we will accomplish in 2015!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Let's get together! Activate your profile on MQG website!

Jenny B's swap quilt (2012)

February Meeting Reminder

Madyson, our 2015 president, will be showing members how to navigate the EMQG web site/blog and retrieve information, and all the resources on the national Modern Quilt Guild web site. Madyson is hoping to bring a projector so everyone will be able to see.  She will also show quilts/blocks she has received in swaps via the internet and mail.

To encourage everyone to get a head start on signing up on the MQG website... a drawing for a fun prize will be picked from all the EMQG members that are signed in to the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild group by 5pm on February 11 (meeting night!!) See you tomorrow!