Board Meeting Notes

Eugene Modern Quilt Guild Board Meeting Minutes


2014 Board Members Present:  Jennifer F., Madyson J., Daisy S., Nelda C., Missy D., Linda D.

Additional 2015 Board Members Present:  Pat J., Anne R.

1.  Nelda presented her suggestions for guidelines for the Bee Block Exchange.  It was suggested that a
line be added emphasizing this is a commitment of the entire 12 months – from February, 2015
through January, 2016.

2.  Jessica emailed her ideas for the monthly Swap (she was unable to attend).  The board liked the
variety, joining other Modern Quilt Guilds, longer swaps, along with continuing the monthly swap as in
the past.  She is going to meet with Kathleen.

3. Daisy presented her ideas and observations of EMQG.  This led into discussions covering many topics,
including the following...

4. Show & Tell:  At each monthly meeting, in order to use time more efficiently, have a numbered sign-up
list with the quilter’s name and project, the order of showing will follow the numbers.  Projects would
be put in a stack on the front table – no more than 2 per person.  Daisy told us about a form that was
used at a guild in Boise with questions about the project which was usually read during Show & Tell by
one person.  She will find it and Nelda said she would get the one EVQ uses.  At the end of the meeting
the forms would go to the secretary for help with the minutes.

5. Charity Project:  Pat has a quilt block pattern she will bring that has worked well with another group
she belongs to.  The plan is to use the Sew Night and Sew Day in January to work on it as a group
project.  This will be announced at the November meeting.

6. Communication and Email:  There is some frustration with the delays in posting to the blog and the
delay the blog has before it sends the emails with the latest post.  Madyson has spent a lot of time
trying to find a secure way to electronically have a members-only section on the blog with information.
This is a work in progress.  We need to have printed instructions at meetings for signing up for the

7. Programs:  Pat plans to go to local quilt shops and ask for ideas and speakers to connect with the guild.
Jennifer said Becky at Piece By Piece would like to possibly collaborate with us to bring a nationally-
known speaker to Eugene.

8. Calendar:  Madyson would like to make a EMQG calendar of 2015 with all of the meetings, sew days,
sew nights, and events.  It would then be printed out and given to paid members, which could help
promote meeting speakers.  The printed calendar should then help lessen the load of maintaining the
blog and internet sites.

9. Fellowship:  We need more time for fellowship activities such as sew days and nights, retreats, and
trips.  Out of town trips such as on a bus are good to meet and get to know others.  Collaboration with
other modern quilt guilds like Corvallis and Bend, perhaps on weekend retreats or group projects,
would be good.

10. New members:  New members need to pay their dues no later than during the third meeting they
attend. We need to keep track on the monthly member log.