EMQG Meeting Notes 9/10/2014

EMQG Meeting Notes 9/10/2014

Presenter: Daisy

Minutes: Missy

Photographer: Shawna/Madyson

Board Elections: Jennifer announced that elections would be held in October since we did not have time in the August Meeting to discuss the positions available due to the rain.

This is the current list of nominees for the positions listed: 



GREETER/MASTER OF CEREMONIES: (2 positions) Daisy S. and Phylis P.







Linda D. talked about labels and the need to label your quilt. One method was using freezer paper with muslin ironed to it and after the content of the label was created on the computer, it was printed using a jet ink printer. Another idea is a handwritten label. Someone also mentioned that Spoonflower is a company that will print your label design onto fabric for you. Things to include on the label: name of block and/or pattern, credit if copyrighted; date quilt made; made by (your name); made for (recipient’s name); pieced by and/
or quilted by; type of material/batting.... (These are just ideas and I’m sure there may be other things that you might want to include...)

BEE: Nelda had some pretty blocks turned in to her this month. Love the orange, yellow, gray combo!

Sept: Nela. She distributed charm blocks in Halloween themed fabric. Wants to receive a 16inch block made of 1⁄2 square triangles.

SWAP: Wall hanging. Many wonderful swap items were exchanged, such creativity!

Oct Swap: Mug rug: holiday or fall theme


Northwest Quilting Expo is being held Sept 25-27, 2014 at the Portland Expo. Daisy is going on Thursday and has room in her vehicle for up to 3 others.

Pat and Daisy attended the Quilt, Knit, Stitch in Portland and were very inspired. They talked about an event which included showing of 12” square art pieces. Also mentioned SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates), which Daisy has joined.

Missy suggested an idea of our guild having a retreat. She offered to look into possibly securing a Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday at Our Sewing Room, likely in 2015. Daisy also mentioned that she might know of another venue, which may be low cost and potentially available.

Emerald Valley Quilters Guild is having a quilt show (Quilting in a Material Whirl) at the Lane County Fairgrounds on Oct 4-5, 2014.


Kelly: quilts with tumbler blocks and granny square blocks

Shawna: Tula Pink 100, she won an award at the Coburg Quilt Show, The Sew Together Bag, pattern found on Craftsy

Jill: Very neat “Kool-Aid on Acid” quilt

Jayne: small quilt using her dyed fabrics and use of appliqué

Rachael: a baby quilt and a continuation quilt

Denise N: bargillo quilt tops, wall quilt, turn dash pattern quilt, “modern” lime green which she calls ‘treasure box under the sea’, “practice quilt” in off white where she created sunflower themed quilting.

Linda: blue and orange planets quilt, car theme quilt for her brother’s birthday

Jenny: Michael Miller challenge small quilt, which looks amazing! Bee 2013 finished and shown!

Nela: a Bee quilt with a block surrounded by a spiral rainbow, a ginormous!!! 120’ x 108 Jenny Baker quilt as you go.

Anne: she finished a quilt from the fabrics, which she had won at our dice game awhile back...the ghosts really help make the quilt!

Denise W: Diamond in the rough quilt along

Julie: a table runner in blue, green and yellow, Halloween placemats, Christmas table runner

Janice: A mini quilt

Pat: Shared a wall quilt with a sand dollar attached in the middle...looks like it is floating, a bowl out of dryer lint! (she’s collecting more if anyone has some to give away), and a mini quilt.

SEW-IN: Wednesday Sept 17, 6:308:30pm. McNail Riley house. Free

SEW DAY: Saturday Sept 27 10am-5pm Our Sewing Room. Fee