Friday, May 23, 2014

EMQG Meeting notes: May 14, 2014

EMQG Meeting notes: May 14, 2014 
Greeting:  Phylis
Minutes:  Missy
Photographer:  Shawna

Blocks turned in for Jessica were beautiful!
May Bee:  Daisy:  9 patch + blocks

Jennifer gave a BIG THANK  YOU to the board members, and especially to Madyson for working on the Bylaws for the EMQG to join the National Modern Quilt Guild (MQG).  Madyson and Jennifer also signed up with the state of Oregon for non-profit status, opened an account at Pacific Continental Bank and set up a post office box for the EMQG.

Jessica made the motion to accept the Bylaws.
Katie S. seconded the motion.
Voting commenced and it was passed that the EMQG would join the MQG effective 5/21/2014.  Cheering and dancing occurred!

Dues of $20 were requested by the June 2014 guild meeting of all persons wishing to join the EMQG.  Members who had already paid for individual memberships in MQG for this year were informed that they did not need to pay this year. 

Membership will be renewed each year and the MQG fiscal year runs January 1 through December 31.

Lillian has resigned from the position of treasurer.  Jennifer nominated Madyson for the position.  There were no other nominations or volunteers.
Missy made the motion to vote Madyson into office as treasurer.
Phylis seconded it. Voting commenced and Madyson was voted in as treasurer.

Karen spoke about the EMQG table at the Coburg Quilt Show.
We will be raffling off the Urban Chicken Quilt to help raise funds for the guild.  Shawna has offered to donate the batting, Madyson offered to donate the backing fabric, Denise W. has offered to quilt it and Jessica offered to bind it.  Yeah team!

Daisy spoke about graphic impact and how to maximize your “wow”.  People tend to scan an object starting in the top left corner and move diagonally down to the bottom right corner, so placing items of biggest impact/show are best placed along this line.  Also, dividing a top into sections such as into a 9-patch configuration and placing your impact pieces at the cross sections of the lines.  She also suggested when quilting in sections to make sure to avoid these areas when piecing seams so to not draw the eye to these joints. 
“Modern” is thought of as using negative space, allowing open spaces for more fancy quilting stitches.

This month’s swap was a potholder.  We had 13 participants who made some wonderful potholders, all different shapes and designs!  Good job members!!!

SHOW and TELL:  what creative talent we have!

Kelly:  She shared a green themed quilt made from extra blocks for the Urban Chicken quilt.

Janice:  Beautiful quilt in autumn colors with ½ square triangles.

Linda:  She showed a rug she made from strips of fabric with individual batting and the scraps were sewn together and zigzagged to make the rug. She is willing to do a presentation on this technique!!!

Julie:  Presented a green and yellow “disappearing 9 patch”. 

Denise:  a strip quilt she made for her mother.

Lillian:  Showed her civil war reproduction fabrics quilt, beautiful!

Nela:  Showed a small quilt using cute fabric with foxes…and ½ square triangles.
She also had a quilt with stars and flying geese.

Virginia:  Kapow pattern table topper using green, yellow and orange colors.

Justine:  She told a story about a small girl she works with in the smart reader program and felt her grandmother needed a quilt due to her commitment of taking good care of this girl…so she made a red poppies windowpane quilt.  Inspiring!

Madyson:  Shared a baby quilt with a zoo/giraffe theme.

Shawna:  Loves the Portland bridges and found some
great fabric with them represented, so she showed us her “keeper” quilt. 

Jenny:  She shared a blue/green Cynthia Bruntz quilt along she made.

Katie:  shared some potholder “puppets” she made.  Also she had her mother in law in town and helped her make her first quilt in black, yellow and gray colors, and got her hooked on quilting!  She also shared a Kaffe floral quilt she made. 

Phylis: She finished her Toes In The Sand quilt and it turned out fantastic!  Beautiful!

Sew Day


Sew Day @ Our Sewing Room

Join us for a sew day at Our Sewing Room this Saturday, 5/24, from 10am to 4pm. 
Bring your projects and sewing machine (or use the ones at OSR for a small fee), for a day of sewing with fellow EMQG members and friends. We hope to see everyone there!

All day: $5
Partial day: Cost determined hourly

Our Sewing Room
448 Main St. 
Springfield, OR 97477

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Meeting Reminder

Our May meeting will be a very important meeting for the future of EMQG and we are urging members not to miss it! 

Many of you hopefully got the email from Jennifer that was sent out regarding our Modern Quilt Guild membership status. If you did not get the email, here is a re-cap of what it said:

The Eugene Modern Quilt Guild is very close to having completed the steps leading to non-profit organization status. Our Board has been hard at work making this happen over the last two months. We held a Board meeting on April 19th. We talked about the mission and vision of our organization and finalized the by-laws. We have decided that our yearly dues will be $20. Although the MQG will prorate our fees for us this year, the EMQG is asking for the full $20. There are fees associated with all of the steps that have helped us to become a non-profit. The Board has fronted these fees so far and will need to be reimbursed.  Additionally, we want to have a cushion in our account, which is a good business practice. At the May 14th EMQG meeting we will be doing two very important business items: approving (ratifying, really) the by-laws by vote and beginning to collect dues from our membership. The Board has decided that as long as fees are paid by the June 11th they will not be considered late. We would like all members to plan on paying $20 between now and June 11th. 

Tomorrow night's meeting will be the final vote (approval), of the by-laws, which is very important for all members to attend. We will also be starting to collect dues. Again, everyone has until June 11th, but if you can we would love to be able to collect tomorrow night (cash preferred, or a check made out to Eugene Modern Quilt Guild that will not be cashed for a week or so).

Don't forget your Bee blocks, swap items and something to show & tell, as we will still be doing those things as well!

Also, please note that there is construction going on all around our meeting spot at the McNail Riley House. The parking lot across the street at the fairground is still accessible and open for use. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need to allow extra time for alternative detour routes. 

Meeting at 6:30/7 @ the McNail-Riley House 601 W 13th in Eugene

We really hope to see everyone there!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our May Queen Bee

We would like to introduce our May Queen Bee, Daisy S.

Tell us a little bit of your quilting history and experience:

I have no family history of quilting. I was an engineer by training and an artist by inclination. In 1989 a quilter asked me to draw some designs that she could turn into appliqué templates. I was intrigued with her project and started to help her assemble it. She cunningly never mentioned that she was teaching me quilting since I considered her to be the crazy lady who had an entire basement full of fabric. She was an accomplished quilter and I was lucky enough to have a one-on-one apprenticeship with her. Now I'm the crazy lady with an entire room devoted to quilting.

What does quilting means to you? 

Quilting allows me to satisfy my artistic cravings for color while making a functional object that can bring comfort to others. 

Why did you want to join our bee? 

I wanted to join the bee block exchange for several reasons. First, making other people's blocks would be a way to learn names and faces in the group. Second, making different blocks would teach me different techniques, patterns, and color combinations. And, probably most importantly, I have this room full of fabric that needs to get used up -- the bee exchange forces me to make something!  

What was the reason or thoughts behind your choice of block/design/project for the bee?  

I chose the 'In the Box' block for the exchange because it has a "modern" feel. The piecing is fairly simple but the block gives people a chance to play with design. Plus, I had more than enough fabric to make an entire quilt top.

Friday, May 2, 2014

April Minutes

EMQG Meeting notes:  April 9, 2014

Presenter:  Daisy Schrock
Minutes:  Missy Downey
Photographer:  Madyson John

EMQG Board members were announced.

Madyson stated she had worked on the bylaws for the non-profit status created for EMQG.  The board members will be meeting to decide what they will eventually be and then bring it to the members.

Lane County Fair registration starts May 1, 2014.

Coburg Quilt Show:  July 26, 2014 9am - 4pm. 
Quilts to enter are $5 for the 1st, then $2 for each additional one.  A 4” sleeve is required.  July 14, 2014 is the deadline for entries, and there is an entry form available online.

Karen announced that EMQG will have a table at this show and is looking for volunteers to help with managing the table.  Also, the  “Urban Chicken” quilt, headed up by Kelly Duke and made by members, will be a raffle quilt.

April:  Zippered clutch bag.  Many beautiful and creative bags were exchanged.  : )

May swap is a potholder.  Kathleen challenges everyone to try paper piecing the top!  She also brought some Insul-brite cut in 9 inch squares to the meeting for those who didn’t have any and want to participate. She also had some strips of magnets to share for those ‘thinking ahead’ to the July swap.  What a sweetheart!!

Jessica requested an “improv block” for her bee block.

Remember to identify yourself via a note on the block when the block is returned to the owner.


*All photos from Show and tell can be found here *

Lillian:  large quilt with a green border; Omiage small bags

Kelly:  2 quilts she made for her nephew and wife

Nelda:  recycled cat food bag.  Very clever!

Laura: penguin quilt in black, white and blue

Nela:  “princess” quilt she made for her daughter

Kesch:  showed us a hand-quilted quilt she made

Linda:  blue bag, plaid quilt she made for her grandson

Denise:  scrappy wonky squares

Phyllis:  top in vibrant colors

Kim:  asian “large” pieced quilt, bear claw block

SEW NIGHT:  Wednesday April 16th at 6:30pm.  McNail Riley house.

SEW DAY:  Saturday April 26th 10am- 5pm.  Our Sewing Room.