Monday, March 25, 2013

Recycle/Upcycle April Swap

I know-- it isn't even April yet... but maybe you have a little extra time to start your swap item now that it is spring break?  This month's theme is Recycle/Upcycle in honor of Earth day-- who knows better how to upcycle than quilters?   We have been using scraps, bits and bobs to create beautiful things since FOREVER.  So lets get out our fun pieces that we have been saving for a little project and get to work!
There are a lot of lovely new people so I am going to add our Swap guidelines to our monthly Swap Mosaics:
Swap Guidelines:
1) Have fun, keep it Modern!
2) Do your best work, make something you would like to receive.
3) Put your swap piece in a brown paper bag, bring to the meeting and let the swapping commence!
Happy Spring!!
For more inspiration check out flickr -- search modern, upcycle, recycle.... so much good stuff!!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Sew Day Saturday 03/23
Our Sewing Room

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Meeting Minutes...

...say that 3 times fast!

March 13, 2013 EMQG Meeting Notes

The last day to submit a quilt for the Pioneer Quilt show is Friday, March 15.   Date passed.  They’d like to hang the modern quilts together, so please tell them if you’re part of the modern quilt guild.


Jessica and Jenny attended QuiltCon in Austin, Texas.  It was the first national conference for modern quilters.  Jessica shared her impressions and experiences with us. She didn’t take any classes, but attended workshops and lectures.  One of their topics was discussing the definition of modern quilting.  Many of the attendees used Instagram to share photos.

Jessica and Jenny met people that work in the industry, as well as officers from other quilt guilds.  Jessica found out that the Board of Directors for this event, personally funded QuiltCon initially. That shows how motivated they were to get modern quilters together.

It was very motivating to see so many people, quilters, that get our obsession with fabric and quilting.

One of the other highlights was the warm weather and sunshine.

The next QuiltCon will take place in February 2015. They decided to have a national conference every other year. They are discussing four possible locations (Austin and New Orleans are two of the possible sites). They would like to keep the location mid-country to make it more accessible.

The national guild wants to be more formalized; have guilds join and participate in swaps, etc., similar to Facebook or Twitter. It’s likely to cost something to join. They’d like to have a sew-down; kind of like a retreat about four times a year for mad quilters.  They’d like to have it in a nice hotel, try to keep costs down, and also have workshops. 

Agnes Wong (a former member of EMQG--she moved) was featured on the Modern Quilt Guild website.  The website is

Jessica brought back some goodies from Quiltcon and held a raffle at the end of our meeting.  I (Karen) was lucky enough to win some charm packs.  Thanks for sharing, Jessica.

Madrona Road Challenge

Piece by Piece fabric shop will display our finished projects from the Madrona Road challenge.  They would like to hang them before the upcoming Shop hop.

New Jobs

Jessica can no longer be President of our guild; she has asked for volunteers take over.  After some discussion we've come up with some jobs and volunteers to fill them.

At an earlier meeting Nelda had volunteered to manage our monthly Swaps.


 Kelly had volunteered to be our Glorious Organizer.  She will plan demos or other activities for our meetings.

Kelly (back) Karen (front)


Karen (me) and Jen will take notes at the meetings, and send out reminders, that will be posted on our website.

Phyllis and Diane will now run the monthly meetings.



Kira will create a master email list and Google docs.

Kira's rail fence chevrons

Jessica will continue to post on Facebook. If you “like” EMQG on Facebook, you’ll get updates and posts.  She will also continue to create mosaics for inspiration for our monthly SWAPs.

Kesch did a quick Tech survey to see how many quilters in EMQG use Facebook, check our website, other quilt blogs, etc.  Denise will maintain the blog. 

Kesch (back)  Denise (front)

Missy and Nelda volunteered to be our photographer at our monthly meetings.  Their photos will be posted on our website.

 Missy  (Nelda pictured above)

Phyllis shared a special ruler that is used for half-square triangles.  It’s from Fast 2 Mark Tools, Easy Triangle Tool.  It can be used for HSTs--two at a time, and quarter square triangles—four at a time.

It costs under $20 and can be found at Piece by Piece, Something to Crow About, and Jo-Ann’s catalog.

I think we persuaded Phyllis to bring it to Sew day so we can see it in action.

Show and Tell

Diane, Rosie, Jayne, Wanda, Anne, Crystal, Nancy L, Sherry, Jessica, Lillian, Denise, Karen, and Kita shared their projects.  I believe a few more new people shared their projects, but I didn’t get their names. 

New Faces

We had some new people attend our meeting, several were Phyllis’s sewing cohorts. Ruby, Charlene’s mom was visiting, so attended our meeting.  She even participated in our SWAP.

Upcoming Events

Sew Day:  March 23 at Our Sewing Room in Springfield

Quilters Safari:  April 26-May 4, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Mardona Road challenge finishes to be displayed at Piece by Piece.

Don't forget to bring your Madrona Road Challenge finishes tonight (give to Kelly) or drop them off at Piece by Piece if you cannot make the meeting.  

Now, go read Jessica's post from yesterday and check out the MQG link for sure.

See you tonight!