Monday, October 29, 2012


Tis the season for leftovers.  Before we all tire of them... lets kick the season off with a fun and QUILTY game of LEFTOVERS.  Ya ya, I made that name up.  Some of you may be familiar with this game.  It is the quilty version of LEFT RIGHT CENTER.

We will play at the NOVEMBER MEETING.

TO PLAY:  All you do to play is bring 5-10 Strips 2 1/2 x WOF  (the more you bring the more chances to stay in the game, but no more than 10)

 Note:  as we are a modern quilt guild please bring fabrics that lean to a sense of modern in color and pattern. THX

When you arrive we will set up tables based on how many players we have.  Anyone can join anytime.  There will be a set of dice at each table that have Left, Right, Star, and Dot on them.
For every L - pass a strip to the left

For every R - pass a strip to the right

For every Star - pass a strip to the center

For every Dot - you don't have to pass, just keep it for your next turn

All players remain at the table during play and simply pass when they are empty.  Those strips keep coming and going.  Play continues until the last strip.... the one holding that is the winner!!  They win all the leftovers!

Sounds fun right?!?!?  So start rounding up your leftover strips from past jelly rolls, or cut your own from your existing stash or head to your local quilt shop to pick up some fresh modern fabrics.  Remember to be accurate with those 2 1/2 inch cuts by WOF.  ("width of fabric" in case there are any newbies out there that don't want to ask!)

If enough of us are playing each table winner will walk away with the equivalent of a JELLY ROLL.

And WINNER BEWARE:  we will expect you to show up by the January meeting with a fabulous strip project in hand.  Please Please Please use your newly acquired strips to put together a project for the January show and tell.  You can do it!!!

Here are some strippy inspirations to get you started...

Sew.... Let's Play!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Upcoming meeting!

Happy Friday!

We are meeting this upcoming Wednesday, 10/17/2012 at 6:30 for meet & greet with bell being rung at 7:00 pm to start. 

Remember we are meeting at Our Sewing Room

We also thought it would be fun to have a dessert potluck since we have the wonderful kitchen area available to us.  So bring a dessert to share...we have birthdays we can celebrate and it is EMQG anniversary month too!  I will bring plates & utensils. 

Also it is time to bring in your 6.5" blocks for our banner project!  I must confess I still need to make a this also serves as a reminder to myself! 

I hope to see you all there, it should be a fun evening!

Have a great weekend, it sounds like it will be a wet one, good to stay inside and sew!

PS  I have also added a link list on the sidebar of the blog with classes being offered in our local area. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Born to be a STAR!!!

Missy's Interview

a. Tell us a little bit of your quilting history and experience~

 My Mom quilted when I was a little girl and I remember seeing her handquilting on her quilting frame.  Her mother and grandmother also quilted, so I have heard stories and seen the results of their skills, and am proud to say that I now have joined them in making quilts.  Of course, I am using a machine and they all sewed by hand, with such tiny stitches.  
I didn't really start getting serious until my mother-in-law passed away and she was a quilter...and her three daughters did not want to have any of her fabric or quilting tools, so I became the owner of most of it.  Earlier in the same year, my Mom had given me her sewing machine and I guess it was meant for me to start quilting.  I took a beginning class and then several others and got hooked.  

b. What does Quilting mean to you?

 Quilting to me means family and passing on gifts to my family members and friends.  I have kept a few things for myself however.

c. Why did you want to be part of a BEE?

I wanted to have a small task each month to keep me going and challenged, as well as I liked the idea of having a quilt made at the end of the year.....we'll see if that does happen!  HA HA

d. Tell us what we get to make this month with you.  What are the reasons or thoughts behind your choice of block/design/project for the bee.

I would like everyone to make a star for me.  I have attempted them in a class and have had difficulty making my points/stars turn out "just right".  However since this in the "modern" quilt guild, I guess they don't have to be perfect points like I thought I needed in the class.  Anyway, just make a star for me, any size, any type.  I have included fabric for the star and some that I would like it to be backed by...or used to fill in the outer parts of the block so it ends up as either a square or rectangle.  
E:  Some ideas for stars.... ***   (I liked the idea of simple...)   (check out the quilting detail on this quilt. It's amazing!)  (cute site)  (paper piecing for those who are BRAVE!!!)  (good tutorials and neat site!)

Monday, October 8, 2012

September 19th—Summer Season Sendoff

** Edit**  October swap is Spooky things....November is LEFTOVERS **

September  19th—Summer Season Sendoff

 We met at Monroe Park in Eugene on 28th and Friendly.  Lots of desserts and savory eats for us and our families to enjoy.

Snack time!

We took a moment to introduce ourselves and our families.  A special welcome to Jenny’s partner, Virginia’s husband, Wanda’s son, and Jessica’s husband, daughter, and two sons!


1.      Karen suggested a fabric swap.  We fine-tuned the idea.

·         Swap in January

·         Bring enough fabric to share a piece (5.5 x 5.5 charm size) with each person participating

·         Challenge Quilt (details to be worked out in future meetings)

2.      Wanda announced an EMQG Retreat at OUR SEWINGROOM (OSR). 

·         Saturday, October 27, 9 am to 9 pm

·         Sunday, October 28, 9 am to 5 pm

·         $10 (or $5 for one day) PAID IN ADVANCE TO WANDA by OCTOBER 17 Meeting. 

·         Wanda’s cell 541-954-7555 or email (

3.      October 17th Meeting is at OSR on 5th and Main.  PLEASE BRING $1 FOR OSR’s MEETING JAR. Deanna will provide a tutorial on Hardinger.   Swap for October is Spooky things!
4.      November Meeting.  Wanda provides a tutorial on hand quilting.   Move meeting to the 14th & use ORS as our meeting place!  Swap theme is ‘LEFTOVERS’ for NOVEMBER.

5.      December Meeting. Lela provides a tutorial on Appalachian Quilts.

6.      Jenny is looking for another participant to attend QuiltCon in Texas.  Appears there are a number of EMQG members planning on attending the event.


Lillian added a twist to her swap item—it’s a block to be added to in November (and again in December).  Should be fun to see.

Cider rules the swaps!


Nelda showed her quilt.  It was a Mystery Quilt that her sister designed.  She sent instructions periodically and Nelda followed them, never knowing in advance what she was making. 
Nelda's mystery quilt

Karen shared the ‘hat’ her sister made.  Karen wore it to her daughter’s wedding.  She also noted that Nancy gave her a great tip for matching sashing—something Karen was having trouble with on a quilt she was making for her daughter’s wedding.

Facinating Karen and her MOTB Facinator!

Beautiful quilt!  What a special wedding present!

Vintage circus wedding quilt for Karen's daughter.

 Wanda shared a quilt she made using the Brioche & Baguette pattern that she modified.  She noted that our EMQG member Denise custom machine quilted it.
Wanda's South Eugene Auction quilt

Wanda also shared her adorable spider!

Wanda's Spider

Jenny shared a wall hanging she made while taking a class from Kelly at Piece by Piece.  The class teaches a technique by Jean Wells.    Lovely work Jenny!
Jenny's fun improv finish

 Jenn has been loving making some little hexies!  Such a fun hand project!

Jen has been loving the tiny hexies  

 A few more "banner blocks" trickling in...remember our October meeting is when they are due!  So if you have not made at least one, you have until the 17th.  It would be really wonderful if each of you could make at least 1 so we can all have a hand in making a wonderful banner to hang up at our meetings.

6" banner blocks!  Keep them coming!  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Playing Catch Up Bee

Hi Ladies,

With the new season comes change.  A time to rearrange.  For me, a little playing catch up now that the kids are back to school and I have a solid routine again.

I hope that we can play a little catching up in the Month of October and November.  If you have found yourself a little delayed in getting blocks to other BEE members now is the time to get motivated.  We want to finish the year off strong and we only have four more Bees to help make creations!

I have sent emails to our four final Bees and anxiously awaiting a response.  If you have not received an email from me yet then I probably have the wrong email address as I have already sent the email one time.  Please reply to me privately to update your information and I will quickly send you the email again.

OCTOBER - Phyllis
NOVEMBER - Virginia
DECEMBER - Kathleen

So looking forward to seeing what we will get to help you make and hearing your Quilt Story.

Thanks a ton, K

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Community Sew

Our Sewing Room
Sunday, November 4

WHAT IS IT?  This is an afternoon of sewing for our greater community.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  We need individuals willing to sew or iron or cut fabric.  Please text or call Wanda Niemi, cell 541-954-7555, to reserve one of 30 spots.

WHAT DO WE PROVIDE? (1) Our Sewing Room (OSR) provides some sewing machines, irons and boards, cutting tools and tables AND waives their $5/person fee. (2) A volunteer has provided the fabric and patterns for two quilts—a Quilt of Valor with matching pillowcase and a Foster Care Graduation Quilt. (3) OSR provides soda and bottled water and another volunteer will provide snacks.

QUESTIONS? Wanda Niemi is coordinating the November 4 Community Sew.  Please direct questions to her cell 541-954-7555.


Beginning in November, MaryJo and Don will make OSR available one Sunday afternoon and/or one Monday a month for Community Sew.  If you’re interested in coordinating a future Community Sew, please contact MaryJo at Our Sewing Room, 541-225-4857. 

Please note that Our Sewing Room has a new webpage...