Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coburg Show

Just a quick post to remind everyone about this quilt show happening THIS Saturday!

Should be a beautiful day for it!

As we talked about at our meeting last week, if anyone wants to meet for breakfast and then carpool to the show that would be terrific.

Meet at IHOP on the corner of Gateway and Beltline and 9:00 AM.

Hope to see you there!

Could you leave a comment to let us know if you are coming for breakfast so I can get a general headcount for reservations at IHOP!  Thanks!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Something White Swap! Love of Quilting Addiction!

1. white lace toilet paper holder, 2. Reversible Fabric Headband - Black and White Flowers, 3. Red & White Tote, 4. black and white apron, 5. Sewing machine cover from the back, 6. sewing travel case - filled, 7. White and Blue Tape Measure Purse, 8. Tübingen Wasp Bag, 9. Felt Ruffle Pillow, 10. ALFALC Dec selvage pincushion, 11. Monday - washing day, 12. Camera Strap, 13. Steps pillow cover , 14. ~ red ~, 15. Sewing machine cover, 16. Felt Circles Pillow

This post was started early this afternoon... then there was a weeding incident.  Then time on the couch for a sore back and I began again... then 3 episodes of Love of Quilting (I <3 DVR!) FINALLY, I had to get serious and turn off all of that Mary Ann and Mary banter, for some reason I found it so funny tonight. Nothing like a mom and daughter trying to do a project together and then both wanting to be right and in charge but also SO kind about it.  They were just too cute. TOO CUTE!  I had been missing Liz, but the Mary Ann/Mary mix is growing on me.  But I digress...

Apparently we are meeting this week?  Is anyone lost in Summer like I am?  The kids and I are just flowing from day to day, not really knowing what day of the week it is... I was sad to miss #talknt today (it is a Tuesday night Twitter chat about sewing and quilting and fabric-- all things good and tasty!), and commented on some one's instagram photo, only to have 2 people point out that today is actually MONDAY! (notice all the linkys I gave you!)  But I digress...

Meeting-- Wednesday. 6:30 for Chatting-- 7:00 for Learning (?)

Swapping-- sumthin White

Talking-- 'bout Design Walls and Quilt shows-- open forum let's talk about how we layout our quilts!  Are you still working on the floor?  Hurting your back, your knees?  I've been looking around, trying some stuff and I know that you all have too. There are all different methods people are using to  Bring your idea to share or your questions to ask.  We all will learn a thing or 2.  Encouragement to enter a quilt show found here!!

Showing and Telling-- Bring your blocks, tops, quilts, and sample blocks!  It'll be fun!

I also am interested in hearing about the Sisters show-- I drove all the way there and landed in time for the RAIN STORM OF THE DECADE.  Truly, there was hail and rain the likes of which you would not believe-- but I did hide on a porch with some nice ladies from Boring and Gresham.  We talked guilds and things and laughed at the rain shooting off the Subaru in the driveway soaking our feet.  There are worse ways to spend a quilt show. I would love to see your pics!

Last months wrap up... it went missing for a bit and perhaps it will be live by meeting time (so sorry.  I will do my best.

See you Wednesday!


P.S. There is a GREAT art quilt show at the Eugene Textile Center.  I was especially fond of the silk pieces and the printed corset.  So fun to see all sorts of different types of quilting, the staff there was so fun to chat with too. Thanks Lillian for the reminder to share the good news!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Miss Bee JULY ~ Karen M

My creation

This months Miss Bee is Karen.  I asked Karen a few simple questions to help us get to know her better.  Here are those questions and answers.

a. Tell us a little bit of your quilting history and experience~

I’ve been quilting for a couple of years now. I’ve dabbled with sewing off and on for years, and usually ended up frustrated in the middle of a project. A few years ago I had totally given up on sewing, other than mending that I couldn’t avoid.

I was lured back to sewing at Piece by Piece. I work downtown and try to walk during my lunch break. I went into the store a few times, and had a dilemma—I wanted to buy fabric, but I hated to sew, and had sworn that I would never sew again. A couple of the women at Piece by Piece persuaded me to take a beginning quilting class. They told me quilting wasn’t frustrating like trying to sew clothes. I was skeptical, but they were right. I was hooked after my beginning quilting class.

One of the of things I love about quilting, especially modern quilting, is that if your first plan doesn’t work out you can change it. And that’s one of the great things about quilters sharing their work at our meetings. We get to hear the stories behind the finished quilt. It’s always amusing when you find out someone came up with something really creative or unusual by accident because they ran out of fabric, or wanted to use up fabric, or had extra blocks, etc. 

b. What does Quilting mean to you?

Quilting is a great creative outlet, with the added benefit of making something special for someone, or something practical to use. I can’t paint or draw, but I can play with fabric.

I love the many different aspects of quilting—modern quilting, hand quilting, hexies, postcards, paper piecing, applique, fiber art, taking classes, sewing alone or with others. There is always something new to learn whether it‘s a pattern or technique.

It’s also a great way to get through winter. I don’t feel stuck inside when I’m busy in my sewing room.

c. Why did you want to be part of a BEE?

Actually I was persuaded to join our bee. I was a little apprehensive that I wasn’t ready (skilled enough) to take on the unknown. I decided to be brave and give it a try. It’s been a good experience because it pushed me to try something new. And I have a great mentor that assists and encourages me. It’s also good because I have at least one finished project each month.

d. Tell us what we get to make this month with you.  What are the reasons or thoughts behind your choice of block/design/project for the bee.

We have a very talented group of people in EMQG, so I was torn between choosing a specific block, or something very unstructured. By choosing a mosaic pattern, I’m providing some structure, but plenty of room for creativity.

Here is the link and tutorial. 

Mod Mosaic Quilt Block Tutorial at Oh, Fransson! (by Elizabeth Hartman)

Blocks can range in size from approximately 6” to 12”or anything in-between. You may add your own fabric. I would like my fabric scraps returned.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quilting for a Cause

Quilting for a Cause

There is a new Flickr group I thought I would share info about.   Here is what Diane has to say about it...who is Diane you say...she is a fellow member of my do.GoodStitches Harmony group and has started up this new group.  Here is what she has to say...

"About Quilting for a Cause
I always see people popping up in different Flickr groups asking for help making blocks for a quilt for someone in need. I also know that for myself, and I'm probably not alone in this, love making blocks, but don't have the time right now to commit myself to an actual quilting bee that lasts for 3, 6, 12 months. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one centralized place where people could ask for help. And one centralized place where those looking to quilt, could find a need to sew a block here and there when they are able.

So if you ever have a need to make a quilt for someone, or if you think you may ever want to help others make quilts for people in need, JOIN THIS GROUP!! :)

You can post any pictures in this group that relate to blocks sewn for charity or someone in need. Post pictures of the patterns you'd like to use for your quilt, or for the blocks that are made for it. Share the pictures of the quilt in the hands of the recipient, whatever! Everything is welcome!"

Go check out the group, if anything it is fun to see others blocks for inspiration!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quilt Shows and the like... Sisters, Coburg, Lane Co. Fair

Hi-ho!  Well when summer starts around here, IT REALLY STARTS!  I don't know about you, but I am knee deep in quilt projects, design projects, and quilt projects to be and it has been HOT HOT HOT.   I want to give a shout out to the Sisters Quilt Show, happening EVERY second Saturday in July--- Which is THIS Saturday the 14th!
My personal plans are up in the air-- I am flying solo with the baby birds this week BUT, PMQG and the COMQG are having a meet up from 12-1 and 4-5 in near the PMQG display area.  I am busting my hump to farm my kiddos out so that I can make the afternoon meet.  If you have never been to the Sisters show, you should go-- there are a lot of quilts and your brain with go in to a quilt mania stupor. Try and stay cool and have fun, send me your pics and we can post them here.
Coburg Quilt Show-- Let's share our work!!  Coburg is a fun outdoor show July 28th, 9-4.  Some numbers: Enter by July 12 to get your quilt's story in to the program.  Entry fees are $5 for the first quilt and $2 for was additional one.  You can sell your quilt too!  The show asks a 25% commission fee, so price accordingly.  They are also looking for volunteers they have spots Sun. July 22- Mon. July 23, Fri. July 27-Sun. July 29.  The info is on the website. If you want to plug the EMQG in your quilt's story, that is always nice.

I noticed that the Coburg show falls on our sew day-- is anyone into meeting for breakfast and going to the show? Instead of sewing?  I am! Post a comment or email me.

Lane Co. Fair- August 15-19.  Entries must be received by July 20th.  It would be fun to see a bunch of our quilts hung at the fair and getting a ribbon is so fun, no matter what age you are! :)
I had spoke to a few of you about having a EMQG show this fall, maybe in September.  After looking at what is going on in my family this fall, I am going to suggest that we push back our show until February?  I just don't think that I can devote the time that is needed to doing it right, right now.

Additionally, our stay at EWEB is up for this year in September and we need to find a new space to meet until we can re-sign up with EWEB in November.  I am seeking new spaces that are no cost (there has gotta be something out there for a fun group of community minded adults), and I would love all of you to ask around-- see what might be available.  No suggestion is a bad one. My dream would be to revert back to meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month-- it just seems like a better spacing with the sew day.

What about a desert potluck for the meeting in September at a park?  We can have a show and tell, and talk our families into coming and experiencing all the fun we get to have each month? We will talk about these and many things next week -- Anybody seen the notes from last month?


Monday, July 2, 2012

Miss Bee JUNE ~ Lillian

Snails Trails
snail's trail quilt pattern, snails trail quilt pattern

border 1

INTERVIEW Questions answered by Lillian:

a. A little bit of your quilting history and experience.
My siblings and I have always been crafty, encouraged and supported by our mom and grandma. The first quilt I made was in 1979 before the birth of my first child. It was a very simple piece and making it got me thinking quilting. We were living in Little Rock , Arkansas at the time, a quilting hot spot.   I went to the local quilt show and was totally blown away. I remember thinking that quilting was too much to take on with a newborn and it would be something to do when I had more time . . . that kid’s college graduation in 2002 coincided with the finishing of my first full-sized quilt. And I haven’t stopped.

b. What Quilting means to you.
Rearranging stuff, playing with colors and textures, creating balance between movement and stillness, tricking the eyes, giving quilts to people in my life who are deserving of one.

c. Why you wanted to join a bee.
I like to collaborate with o the rs. I first attended MQG midway through the last bee and proceeded to be so thoroughly awed with the monthly variations, I knew wanted to be involved, too.

d. The reasons or thoughts behind your choice of block/design/project for the bee.
This snail’s trail pattern has been in my ‘to make’ file for quite a while – thanks for helping, everyone!