Friday, January 27, 2012

Just a reminder...

Are you ready???

Our road trip to the Stiches in Bloom Quilt show is tomorrow!

Meet at VRC at 8:00 AM with an 8:15 leave time.

Several cars are going up so there may still be room for you if you have been on the fence about this trip. 

The plan is to go to the quilt show, spend hours drooling I am sure; get some lunch and then do some shopping.  A couple places mentioned were Craft Warehouse (this link will get you directions) & Greenbaum's Quilted Forest (directions on the link).

See you all in the morning!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chug chug chug! A field trip!

Hey all--
I am headed to Colorado for the week-- BUT I thought that the bus should make a stop here first.
January 28, the bus will be heading up to the Oregon Garden's Quilt Show-- Stitches in Bloom.
We are going to meet in the VRC parking lot (out behind the old Gottschalks) at 8:00 am. It takes at least 1.5 hours to get there-- so I think we should be fine. I just looked at the website and they said that they had 190 entries-- that should make for a fun show. On the way home we were hoping to stop at some of the quilt shops on the way --At least at Crafter's Warehouse and Greenbaum's - and to make it home around 4. Email or comment with any questions or ideas. Have a GREAT week!

This is not an accurate picture of my brownie bus-- this bus is light blue, and mine was made this century. BUT I did learn to drive on one of these and so they will always have a place in my heart!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 11, 2012

We made it Friends, made it to 2012! Look at Kesch there-- she REALLY wants to show us something.... technical issues are precluding me from posting it right here, but you are always welcome to check the Facebook page. It works there!

Some things I have already realized this year...
1)It doesn't matter where we get together, it is that we all do GET TOGETHER! Nancy was so kind and hosted us this month-- there were drinks and laughter enough for all! (Thank you So much Nancy, it was a great space!)
2)Modern Quilting Bees are SO fun! (Kesch's bundles for January!) And we filled all our slots so we have a full roster of 12 for 2012! Wanda is all ready for February! (I am so excited, can you tell?!!!)
3)I LOVE TO SWAP! I haven't participated in our guild swaps for a few months-- BUT this month was the ONE to get back in on!! I took home a gorgeous scarf (from Denise), Jen made flower pendants for Nancy and Denise and took home some hair pins that I made. Then Nancy made a cell phone holder for our newest member Judy...... phewww, did you catch all that?!

February's theme is "Something Red" in honor of HEART day!
Show and tell... Shall we?
We had some exciting previews of the Pound challenge-- Kesch (swapped with Agnes!) and made this beautiful Maverick/Wonky star quilt with a clever knotted binding.
Karen finished her solids challenge quilt... We got a lot of mileage out of those charm packs! Thanks again Robert Kaufman fabrics!
The back is a fun color-block combo-- they always seem so nautical to me!

And our second preview of the Pound Challenge-- Kelly (partner Cyndy) and a GORGEOUS wheel quilt.
The back is an equally beautiful pattern-- Kelly described the white on the back as a "happy accident"-- I wish all my accidents would work this well.
Nancy had a happy 2 for one to share-- a quilt top for her brother
and then the back--- now turned front for another quilt!! Yay Nancy!
Judy, our newest member, brought an amazing string block quilt.
The back also was lovely.
Laura brought a quilt with wonderful curves.
Denise's latest baby gift is a joyful quilt full of DUCK-Love!
Jen's machine is in the shop, so she has been working on a textile art journal. What a fun handwork project.
Laurie finished a kit project that she brought to our first sew day-- she said that it came with so much fabric,
That she was able to piece the whole back!

--- Phewww!

Stay tuned for our New Year's resolutions!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simplify Your Life - JAN BEE, Kesch

Hi Bees,

As the new year turns I find myself reordering my nest and attempting to simplify life. Mostly to streamline the not fun stuff to do and make more time for the fun stuff like quilting. I found a collection of fabrics I purchased last year in my stash. Its called Peacock by Whindham.

(I found this picture of the collection at Sew Mama Sew)

I chose a block that is just the most simple thing to put together that I couldn't even find instructions that were basic enough.  Here is my rough set of instructions:

Important Update:  When cutting the fabric start from the selvage end, NOT the fold.  Sorry, my drawing suggests from the fold... you need the fold to get that last 4 1/2 inch square.  Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!

Completed it will make two very simple blocks of opposing colors.  I don't think I could ask you to do more than one block if the pattern was any more difficult.

See, EZ PZ!!!!  I chose this simple pattern and these muted tones so that I could feature more intricate quilting patterns than I normally would.  I think I"ll do something inspired by peacock feathers.

I can't wait to see you all at the meeting and hand out my fabrics!
Thanks, Kesch

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I can hear the buzzing.... buzz buzz. 2012 Bee Basics

Hi Busy Bees,

Here are the 2012 Bee Basics. All (i hope all) the information you will need to know to join and enjoy our 2012 EMQBee. I apologize for the buzzi-ness of this email, but it is a necessary evil to get this party started on the right foot.

About Me: I'm Kesch and I will be coordinating this years bee. So if you have any information, questions, comments, or general bee business please feel free to direct them to me. You can reach me either through commenting on any of our posts or emailing me directly.


**FEBRUARY - open
**JULY - open
**SEPTEMBER - open

As you can see there are a couple spots still open. A few people have expressed interest but have not officially signed up for a month. You will need to do that in the January meeting. After I have all the sign ups then I will be sending out a group email.

The BEE-siness: Here are a few commonly practiced rules of Bee Etiquette, if you will, to save frustration and disappointment down the road. This Bee is open to all skill levels. Keep this in mind when you choose your pattern. This Bee is a year long commitment. Please join this bee with the mindset that it is both about giving and getting. Not everyone has the same amount of time to invest in a hobby so consider amount of work your block will take so everyone can meet the deadline. Which is the next item of business, please meet the deadlines. That said, of course we call have lives and can not anticipate life crisis. That is where I can help coordinate with the bee. There are a few options for these times: a) make a deal with the Bee-er to extend the deadline shortly, b) agree to have another bee-er finish the block for you, or c) return the fabric packet to the bee-er so she can finish the project.


1. Bee Inspired

Pick a block, gather your fabrics, supplies, and pattern.

2. Create 12 packets including:

(As we currently have a few spots open you may be making fewer packets, or we may agree as a group to do more blocks to help return a finished project. We will have to discuss this topic further.)

an adequate supply of fabric and materials needed to make the block
include instructions (particularly for non-blog members)

3. Blog about it

Create a Blog entry for our EMQBee page. The blog entry can include instructions and inspirations. Tell a little story about why you chose this block, or history of the fabric, or anything you would like to say about your project. Give added information about your packet and your desired results.

*Specify what you want done with the scraps (ie keep them or return them to bee-er)
*Specify whether the quilter can use from their own stash, or ONLY the fabrics given, or a certain colorway, or a certain designer etc

4. Bring Packets to Meeting to hand out to your Fellow Bee-ers. Hand out your fabric packets in the month you are assigned and receive your finished blocks back in the following meeting.


What is required of you when its not your month.

1. Each month you will receive a fabric packet from that months assigned Bee. Instructions should be included, however, you may find it easier to follow the blog instructions.

2. Go to the Blog for further inspiration and instruction.

3. Complete the Block - keeping in mind supplies and deadlines complete the block for the month. Feel free to use the bee posts for any discussion, comments, or questions you have regarding that months bee block. We will also be able to contact one another via email.

4. Return the block to the meeting the next month and pick up the next packet!

OK, enough said here, lets get on with the FUN PART. I'll post my block and instructions shortly!

Buzz Buzz, Kesch

Monday, January 9, 2012

We are rolling with it!!! ADDRESS OF MEETING 1/11/12!!

Hey all-- I appreciate all of you rolling with me while we worked out a meeting spot for the month. Nancy J. generously offered her office meeting room.
We will be meeting THIS Wednesday @ Evergreen Land Title @ 1651 Cenntenial Blvd (in Springfield off of Mohawk).

If I don't post again until then....
Things to think about for the meeting:
1)Pound challenge
2)Accessory swap
3)Do you want to go on the **Field trip**?
4)Show and tell

See you soon...
email or comment with questions!


January 28--Stitches in Bloom-- Quilt Show at the Oregon Gardens. I would love for a group of us to go. My Brownie Bus can fit 5 friends (I will even vacuum out the granola crumbs from the back seat!) if we have more people interested in going we can coordinate a caravan. I thought it might be nice to have a pilgrimage to local quilt shops after the show?? The show starts at 10, maybe we can shoot to leave 8:45-9:00. Admission is $10 (includes admission to the gardens too.) Email me if you are interested. (I have 3 spots left in the Brownie Bus)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Swap-it! Accessories!

1. New Wallet for me, 2. Fabric Flower - Kaffee Fassett Lotus Leaf Fabric Flower Hair Clip/Pin or Brooch, 3. Patchwork Scarf Tutorial, 4. Vintage 60's Fabric Accessories, 5. lace brooch 2, 6. Reversible Fabric Headband - Melissa Averinos Sugar Snap Fabric - Kimono in Cocoa and Candy Dots in Spring , 7. Stamped and frayed - fabric jewellery, 8. Fabric Rose Flower Brooch in Watermelon, 9. Bobby pins with handmade fabric flowers, 10. golden honey . ponytail holder ., 11. robot camera case duo, 12. Fabric Pendant, 13. handmade passport pocket, 14. Flower Power Brooch, 15. Flying bird stripes fabric leather tag unique resin necklace, 16. wristlets etsy2, 17. camera straps-09, 18. 'Stitches' Pincushion Ring, 19. I ♥ red tartan, 20. Going In Circles Brooch, 21. Rose Time, 22. keyring pendant, 23. GAZZ!, 24. Rosette Headband - burgundy, 25. Fabric Necklace 2

So.... while I was busy watching old episodes of "New Girl" on Hulu, a little bird mentioned that maybe I should get some inspiration going on 'round here. I am thinking ACCESSORIES! Key Fobs, necklaces, scarves, hair pins, brooches, belts, camera straps, bracelets.... passport holders? (It was so cute!) A lot of the pictures have tutorials that go with them so you can click through. Get making!

(as always, feel free to post links to cool tutorials in the comments.)