Friday, December 30, 2011

Returning of the light, December 21, 2011

Wow, what a night... so many friends braved the utter darkness and made it to the EMQG December meeting. Because, you all are curious-- our lovely Agnes won the "Pretty in Patchwork: Doll Quilts" book. She was elated-- I was elated because she won with her ONLINE entry (See folks it pays to comment once in a while!!) GO Agnes GO-- you are going to have a doll quilt to share for the January meeting, right?!!

Let's do a little Show and Tell-- shall we?
Jen was very busy this past month, she made a bag and then worked on a bunch of zipper pouches (not shown) She said that she had found a lot of fun patterns at Piece by Piece. This bag was really neat, I liked the interior pockets and the way the strap was attached.
Jen also brought in a family quilt to share with us. It is a beautiful example of a Grandmother's Flower Garden, all hexagons with a lovely edge scalloped by the hexagons.
Denise finished a lovely SWOON block-- lovely LARGE SWOON block. Awesome fabrics to show off that big star.Phyliss and her wonderful sampler bag. This bag was made in a class to teach her all sorts of cool things her sewing machine could do. She said that she learned a lot and made this great bag in the process-- but next time she might like some more substantial handles.
There is Denise again--- smiling and showing off her cute 'kerchief, knitted by Kecsh. LOVE THE MUSTARD AND GREY TOGETHER!!! Quilt inspiration is everywhere.
Look at these incredible aprons! Everyone was so pleased and each one was well-suited to its recipient.

December's meeting was not all fun and games (there was also laughing and teasing). Our guild is having to deal with some change this coming year and there was discussion about moving meeting venues in order to keep our 2nd Wednesday time slot (I am hopeful!). I like that our meetings are free and that when we do have to pay for something that it is an "as able" sort of thing. I am being open to other options and I have faith that something will work out for us.

January 28--Stitches in Bloom-- Quilt Show at the Oregon Gardens. I would love for a group of us to go. My Brownie Bus can fit 5 friends (I will even vacuum out the granola crumbs from the back seat!) if we have more people interested in going we can coordinate a caravan. I thought it might be nice to have a pilgrimage to local quilt shops after the show?? The show starts at 10, maybe we can shoot to leave 8:45-9:00. Admission is $10 (includes admission to the gardens too.) Email me if you are interested.

1) Of course I forgot to take a picture of my own Show and Tell but a link to the pattern for the little wallet, pattern by Keyka Lou. She is great and here is a free pattern for a clutch from her blog.

2) Kim (did you know that she and I used to work together at the Wasterwater Treatment Plant??!) mentioned a blogger that was starting a Free-Motion Quilting Monthly 2012 Challenge... well I found it-- it starts Jan. 01 and sounds rather cool. Check it out.

--**Next Meeting**--
January 11-- site TBA-- check back next week!

Happy New Year!!
(start thinking of your quilting resolution for 2012, do you want to try a new technique? Do you want to finish something by 2013?? THINK BIG! then go BIGGER!)


Friday, December 16, 2011

If you are interested... Stitches {a modern charity quilting bee} is looking for a few good quilters/stitchers.

"If you enjoy quilting in a modern style and would like to add your stitches to our efforts, all you need is an active Flickr account (since that's where we manage the bee) and a willing heart.  See "The Rules" so you know how it works and go here to register to join.  When we have enough on the wait list, I'll put together yet another new charity circle.  Hurray, hurrah!" (Per Rachel Hauser at Stitched in Color)

I have personally been involved with this bee for the past few months and have had so much fun!

Here is how it works...each "hive" consists of stitchers and quilters.  The stitchers do just that...stitch.  The quilters get all the fun...they choose the block for the month that all the members will make and then send back to the quilter who then, obviously, puts the top together, quilts it up and then donates it to the groups charity.  My group is making quilts for Project Linus.  

Each month you will make 2 blocks.   Here is a sample of what my group, Harmony, has been up to since we started in September...

So if you are intersted go here and click "join" will then be contacted by the group administrator Rachel Hauser and answer a few questions.  Easy peasy!

She is looking for a few good quilters/stitchers who want to join in this fun and giving bee!  Are you interested??

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Prodding you ever forward, this time with a carrot!

Hi-- Guildies... Quilters... Friends... (I feel like we need a funny club name)
Isn't this a pretty little book? It came to my house just a few days ago. I was so excited when Lark Crafts offered to donate a book to our guild-- Really Really excited when I saw who the author is, Cathy Gaubert. I started following her flickr stream AGES ago, because she just makes very cute and pretty things and I LOVE LOVE LOVE cute and pretty things. This book does not disappoint in the cute and pretty department.

Cathy made quite a few of these wonderful little quilts, but she also asked a bunch of her flickr/bloggy quilting friends to make some too. What you get when they all come together is a beautiful book full of ideas and styles that everyone can relate to. Even if you are pattern adverse (like me!) the photographs are so inspirational that it will just make you want to pull fabrics from your stash and get started on a doll quilt for yourself. (maybe as a gift, but I am GREEDY!) I liked that all sorts of techniques were explored set-in seams, applique, "ticker tape"-- really a great starting point for little projects to explore a method.

One of the perks of being the President is that I get to see all the pretty things that companies donate to us first, then I get to figure out a way to give them out to you.... hmmm
While I think, look at these 2 BEAUTIFUL quilts.... from lucyellen06, and Red Pepper Quilts
Ok, I guess the right thing to do would be to draw a name out of a hat (and not keep it for myself!) but I am going to push you all a little bit. I would love for our guild to get more savvy online. I would love for you all to check out the flickrstream and see some of the lovely comments that your show and tell quilts receive... I am telling you, it is quite an ego boost. So here is what we are going to do:

I will bring a hat to the guild meeting December 21---- you put your name in the hat---- Ahhhhhh, you say?? You are not going to be able to attend? That is alright, I have thought of another way to enter. You comment on this post. Easy? Yes, if you are afraid, or you have never commented before--- that is OK. You can do it, you can learn something new today and maybe even win a fantastic book.

There you have it-- 2 ways to win. That is what I am about WINNING!! (and involving you in my online wonderland)


Monday, December 5, 2011

Apron SWAP!

Hey All-
Eye candy anyone? Guilt free looking here! These beauties will not add a pound to your middle-- all the pretty colors will only make you smile! December's swap will be an apron. Just make one you would like to swap, stick it in a brown paper bag-- and then pick one to take home. (I thought about making a holiday apron mosaic-- but the all these colors were so gorgeous!!) So make a holiday themed one if you like--winter... groundhog's day, whatever! See you December 21!