Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday November 16, 2011-- A birthday party!

Let's just pause for a moment and look at these beautiful little 9-patches (Thanks for sharing this family quilt, Cyndy.) Simple? Plain? Some might say-- but look at the power and the beauty of the pattern when you put them all together. Beautiful? Elegant? Yes, I would say so. I will step a little further out on to this "cheesy" limb...

Kind of like when a group of people decide to get together once a month and have a little quilt party called the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild. You don't quite know what is going to happen when you get there (I know, I don't), but you do know that there will be nice people there and there will be quilts. Most days, I don't need much else.
So thank each and everyone of you for this past year... those that have come to every meeting, those that have come to a few, those that have only kept in touch online. I am so very thankful that each of you have chosen to show-up in whatever way you can. It has meant a lot to me--- and after talking to many of you on Wednesday, it has meant a lot to you too.

If you weren't able to come to the anniversary party-- it was really fun! The food! The scraps! The swaps! I made off with a mittful of new selvages, an awesome piece of sesame street corduroy, a pincushion and a cool new needlebook. I felt SO greedy! What did you all get?! Thank you all so much for the wonderful President's blocks-- what an unexpected delight! (make me cry already!) I will bring them and a black sharpie so those of you who want to can sign your block (I would love to see your name on your work!)

Time for a little Show and Tell interlude:
Wanda worked on this quilt during our very first sew day! AND she finished it AND she machine quilted parts of it!! Great Job!
More from Wanda! Commissioned pillows! We may take our sewing skills for granted-- but not everyone can do what we do!
Missy finished a beautiful quilt-- the blues were so nice together.
Lillian's graduation waves quilt... Love the way the that block shimmers.
Our very own Birthday girl!! Happy 29th! Awesome quilt-- aqua and red is ALWAYS a winner in my book!
May the Force be with you! Denise made a show stopper for her son. I am partial to the Darth square-- I just love the pixelated figure on that damask print.
Sheri showed that you can really highlight the quilting design with a simple block-- such a pretty and cozy quilt! I like both sides.
Karen shared her 2nd finish! I remember her bravely quilting this at one of the sew days-- great work!
Did you all have a chance to meet my friend Kim?? She and I used to work together at the Wastewater plant. Dirty water makes for great friendship! (that saying made sense in my head.) She shared two of her tops. A signature block top made for a "graduating" (retiring) co-worker.
And a colorful sampler-- I love the was that the black sets off all of those colors!

There were a few other "show and tellers" that I wasn't able to get a picture of... hopefully if other people got a shot of another one they will send it to me and I can get it up here!

On the business front:
EWEB (Thanks for hosting us for free!!) needs to use their training room again next month and we have been bumped to December 21. December's meeting is going to be an apron swap, a hand sewing night, and a SUPER show and tell night! I also have a special book give-away (Details next week!!) It will be a mellow and inspiring time-- I am hoping to get a "quilting resolutions" list started for the New Year.

I have much more to share, but let's end here for now.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Wednesday night... BE there!

Hey all!
I had to post this quilt because I saw it in Hawaii... and I would rather be there than here on this grey chilly morning.... AND because I love a nice Union Jack block. So suffer along with my obsession why don't you!
Since it has been MANY moons (2, I think) since I last posted about the FABRIC-Pa-LOOZA, a little cutting and pasting from September is in order!! Ok, give me a second.... ooof, grunt, (COPY) grumble, snort, gosh-grumble-grumble (PASTE!) There!

"Have you made anything for the party yet? Anything that you want to donate to the raffle? I found some quilting books at my house that may like to come home with you... and other people have donated some fun quilting tools. My thought is, what is not serving me could very well make one of my quilting friends a happy camper. It is also so fun to take home treats that one of us made, isn't it? I use my swap pot holders from Kelly everyday, they always make my cooking chores much more cheery. So, please bring your gently used books/notions and/or your new swap projects and we will have a ourselves a little raffle.

Didn't you mention something about food Jessica?
OH YES I DID! This month's meeting will also be a potluck. Please bring what you love, savory or sweet, to share. I have some utensils and possibly some napkins. We could also use some plates. !!EDITED!! (I have all the plates, cups, forks, and napkins we could need!) If you would like, leave a comment with your potluck tasty then those of us who are undecided can be inspired to fill in the gaps.

Weren't there going to be fun and silly activities?
OF COURSE! Here are just a few of the ones that we have come up with thus far:

1)Swap a Scrap table: bring some of your scraps of fabric that you like, but perhaps are just tired of looking at and swap with your friends for something that you want to use "RIGHT NOW!" (unclaimed leftovers will be donated.)

2)5" Charm Swap: Friendship quilts are always fun. Make your own with charms swapped with your EMQG friends. Bring 5" charm squares and swap-- you bring 10, you take home 10 etc.

3)Name Tags: Make a fun name tag with scraps, a sharpie, and an iron. Wear it tonight, take it home and jazz it up-- and wear it next month and we will ALL remember your name!

4)Raffle Raffle-- Yes, I did write raffle twice, it is just funnier that way. I pretty much explained the idea for this above-- if there are any questions please send me an email or post a comment.
5)High jinx and mayhem-- just something that goes along with being a Modern Quilter!"

END PASTED SECTION! (to see the original post.)

Is that clear as ghee? (look that one up!) If you have any questions, please post a comment OR send me an email.

Make something tasty to share, bring your smile, something you made to raffle, and some show and tell and Wednesday night will be so fun!! Hooray, our baby is one year old!
I am sure that I was unclear.... BUT the raffle is just for fun, we are not raising money with it. I thought that it would just be kinda like a birthday party... present type of thing.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Warming up for the big day!

Let's wake up a little, shall we?! Shoo away those grey skies with some bright quilt shots from the 2011 Lane Co. Fair.
Just a few... don't want to shock the system... But I do love those strings!
and what is better than a few flying geese?
A WHOLE BUNCH! I believe that this quilt was a new quilt from an old top (I could be wrong, I am trying to conjure up some sun from August here-- I am a little fuzzy.) (I do love seeing all of that OLD fabric-- the plaids!! OMG, the plaids! LOVE them!)

I will be popping in here more frequently to give us all some brightness in our rainy days. (and what am I going to do with all these quilt pictures?!) Remember, this month's meeting is delayed a week-- Fabric-pa-LOOZA is November 16th! Our Sew Day for this month falls on the Thanksgiving weekend---so that means I will either move it up a week OR we will just sail in to December and find an acceptable weekend.

Thank you for all of your support the past year, but especially the past few months. They have been DOOZIES, but have been a necessary part of life (I want to say they have made me a stronger, better person-- but I'm not quite there yet.) It is nice to be surrounded by great people. (Finish some projects, I really want to see some great show and tell!)
See you soon!