Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breathe in, Breathe out--- sew sew SEW!

I know the Eugene Celebration is going on... I know it is one of the last summer Saturdays... believe me, I know WE all have got something going on...

BUT you could always play hooky and come and sew with me! I need some Jessica time... got to finish up some blocks, some borders-- the usual.

If you are inclined to experience some air-conditioning, friendly faces and some sewing good times meet me at at 11! (Only $7 and we can sew until 5-- they open at 10 if you want to get one-up on me.)

See you!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pretty Pretty Pillowcases

My creation

Ok...whatever...I was trying to be all cool and make a mosaic like our fearless leader Jessica does, only the links did not show up so I cannot give credit to the picture much for all my coolness! : )

Anyhow...onto the subject at hand...PILLOWCASES...our swap for September...yup September...can you even believe it is so far into this starting...holidays coming...fall coming...Duck football....

Ok, back on track yet again...

Everyone at last meeting decided standard sized pillowcases would be best, as most of us have this size.

Here are a few tutorials, pick your favorite and do that one....the only I always use is this one...don't ask me why, I happen to dislike all the ads on the site, etc. but it explains it step by step really well. 

French seams are the way to go and easy peasy! 

Film in the Fridge has a good tute too...just look at all of hers picture above with those gorgeous poppies on a line!  Love it!

Here is a YouTube tute for those of you who like video instructions.

And just to throw it more.

Ok, one more... I just can't help sharing is a link to flickr and the tons and tons and tons of pillowcases creative people like us make. 

So make up those pillowcases ladies and lets have a fun swap.

Here is a funny side 11-year old daughter loved our flash quilt show so much that she wants to plan out a flash pillow fight and thinks I should make her a case that says FLASH on it.  Hmmm, I could just see the headlines now... preteens stage flash pillow fight in the middle of the mall...somehow I don't think I am going to make this dream come true for her! LOL 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Flash Mob Quilt Show Aug. 10, 2011


We took the rails...

And we took the steps...

EWEB Fountain--- Quilt Mobbed!!!

These are not [just] your grandmother's quilts!!
They are your quilts,
your mother's quilts,
your father's quilts,
your brother's and your sister's quilts,
the quilts you made for your babies.
They are even your great grandfather's quilts (awesome embroidery on that one, BTW!)
They are all of our quilts and they are not just going to be laying around on our beds and couch backs anymore. We are taking them to the streets... Watch out!! You may get mobbed!

Kelly, you are all sorts of awesome-- this idea was stellar!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Habitat is cut and ready to roll!

August is HERE! The Habitat fabric is cut and ready to hand out!! (thanks Denise for helping me with this one!) I have been hinting that this month's meeting has a surprise element to it... well-- someone suggested a flash mob quilt show in the fountain square and I am ALL IN!

What does this mean you say??

You can do one of two things:

1)Bring a quilt(s) to share, we will be taking over the fountain area (right outside our regular meeting space at EWEB.) and laying out as many quilts as possible in the amphitheater area and on the railings by the river to create a fun and impromptu quilt show for ourselves AND for all of Eugene that is riding through that area on Wednesday night.

(Because someone is bound to ask-- this is outside, the quilts will possibly get slightly dirty. Prepare your heart for that and maybe bring one of your everyday quilts and not your cream whole cloth quilt.)


2)You can bring yourself and your sense of fun and walk around and look at the quilts that your fellow guild members have brought to share.

In addition to our Flash Mob Quilt Show on the Fountain Square (FMQSFS) we will be:

1) exchanging our Paper Bag Swap (PBS) items (dish drainer quilt OR fancied-up kitchen towel)
2) Picking up our Habitat fabric
3)Pick up Moo cards to pass out (YES!! They are in!)
4) Show and Tell
I look forward to seeing you all-- bring a quilt and/or a quilt loving friend to enjoy the show!

I am on vacation, so I could have forgotten something. If I did, please send me an email and I will remedy that ASAP!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

That time of the month again??!!

I don't know about you all, but I need me some time to just sit and work on projects... sew, sew, sew is what the Dr. orders for me! Tomorrow night from 6-9pm is the time and Our Sewing Room is the place. $3 for sewing- $4 for sewing and a machine rental. Be there or be Square!