Friday, July 29, 2011

Hand me a towel?

1. "spicing up the kitchen swap" goods, 2. SUTK Swap received!, 3. spicing up the kitchen swap - kitchen towel, 4. tufted tweets dishtowels

Hi there-- I was going to make a fun mosaic about our towel/Dish drainer quilt swap--- and the flickr gods led me into weird land. Let's just say that I am happy with these four and I don't know that I am ever going to search "Towel" again on flickr. Nothing too raunchy, but you never know where things might lead. I am a simple craft photo seeking girl and that is all.

Back on track...
This month's (August 10th meeting!) swap is a towel and dish drainer quilt swap. The towel with the orange cup on it is a pretty neat design. It has a button and loop on the top corners so you can hang it on the towel rack and it won't fall off (no more towels lost to the floor monster!)

Coburg Show update--
We will not be having a booth at this year's show. I am so sorry. This last week has been a very hard one for me and my family and I just did not have the energy to devote to this project like I had intended. I hope that you all still make some time to go the show. It is a wonderful event. As of this morning they were still looking for some volunteers. You can email them directly at bjes4me "at" comcast "dot" net. Thanks to all of you who volunteered to sit and talk about our group with me let's make a plan for same time next year!

I hope that every one has a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Submissions wanted!!

Read about it here...Modern Quilt Guild 
Or below with my shameless cutting and pasting skills LOL!

"100 Days of Modern Quilting will be a 100-day celebration on The Modern Quilt Guild’s blog that will feature fabulous modern quilts and tutorials. We want as many MQG members as possible to help us create an “online exhibit” to show off all of the wonderful work going on in our community.
We’re currently seeking submissions in the following categories:

Quilts and their stories
We want to see photos of your favorite modern quilts and hear the stories behind them. To submit your quilt, send us the following information:
1. Your name and contact information

2. The name and size of your quilt
3. One photo of your quilt. If we select your quilt, we may ask for more, but please send just one for now.
4. A brief description of the quilt including what, in your opinion, makes it modern. If the quilt is not your original design, please include information about the pattern or inspiration. If you didn’t do the quilting, please include the name of the quilter.
5. A brief description of you as a quilter. If you’re a member of a modern quilt guild, tell us which one.

Please submit only finished quilts made by you. We will consider up to 3 entries per quilter. Images previously published by you (for instance on your blog or Flickr) are welcome.

Online tutorials
One of the best things about the modern quilting community is the wealth of information its members share online. We want to hear about your favorite online tutorials. Tutorials can be new or old, written by you or written by someone else. Tutorials don’t necessarily need to be block or quilt patterns, but should be quilting related (for instance, patchwork pillows or machine quilting techniques). Note: We will not feature any tutorial without first obtaining the permission of the author.

To nominate a tutorial, please send us a link to the tutorial, along with a brief explanation of why you love it.  Please send your submissions to by midnight Pacific Time on August 30."

I think we have all made some gorgeous quilts and really how much time will it take to submit a picture with a few stats!  I challenge as many of us guilders as possible to submit...lets have a huge showing from EMQG!  What say you?

If you submit a quilt, leave a comment here at the bottom of this page! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sew Day -- July 23, 2011

Hi all,
I just wanted to give one last shout out about our Sew Day this Saturday. It is at Our Sewing Room-- 11 to 4 (they stay open until 5 if people are still sewing!) Nancy volunteered to be our contact person while I am at home watching my kiddos. Have an awesome time!!

One last point of business before I retire for the night....
We are going to the Coburg Quilt Show (July 30th) for free as a non-profit group, but they still ask that we donate something for their silent auction (worth at least $15). They do the auction to raise funds for the show. I have something to donate, but thought that I would open it up to the group in case we wanted to donate something more. If you have anything you would like to donate, please email me and I can arrange a pick-up.

Have a great weekend and here's hoping we get some SUNSHINE!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Teacher tent--- more

Here we go for today's installment of Quilting-- the Sisters' Saga

This beauty is "The Unpredictable" by June Jaegar
I loved the red quilting, both the hand quilting and the machine work. The red circles gave me a little thrill!
"Circles and Stars" by Colleen Blackwood-- my kind of color story-- text and enough darks to make the brights sparkle!
This is the spaceship quilt by Tula Pink (I bet I can find it's real name...)
"Star in My Eyes" by JanniLou Creations. The broken star pattern really spoke to me, I liked that it looks really old and had that one full star in the middle.
"Irish Chaining with the Stars" by Lawry Thorn. This pattern can be made to look so different by just changing the color values in the stars or the 9-patches-- lots of possibilities to make this one look like it is your own!
"Madness" by Kathy Doughty--- I told you I couldn't get enough of this quilter and her quilts. I am still thinking about them all.
I loved the hand quilting that she put in to this one...
"Retro Rug" by Pam Goecke-- A great use of stripes to make a rather simple block look SOOO exciting.
Another beautifully done quilt by Tonye B. Phillips-- I missed the name (found it on her site!! "Village Sampler") on this one, because there were people all around it and I wanted to get a close shot at those little baskets--- they were so sweet!
Basket love--- I have not always been a lover of baskets, but since this quilt and this one I am a TOTAL convert!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Come to My Window... the meeting July 13, 2011

Windows were the theme of the night... Beautiful views! (Thanks so much EWEB for this awesome meeting room!)
And Katie's GORGEOUS Cathedral windows...
Thanks SO much Katie for your tutorial. I may not have the gumption to attempt a queen size quilt, but I definitely think that a wall hanging is in my future. Katie's method made this block seem doable and fun. I liked that there were many stopping spots where you could work for a while on the sewing machine and then have a project ready for some "carry-around" hand piecing time. (necessary for a mom with 3 little kids, as Katie well knows.)
Katie's color-study blocks that she had already finished were such and inspiration to all of us.
And there were a LOT of us this night! Welcome to all of the first-timers!! It was so nice to re-meet some of you and then meet some of you for the very first time. New eyes and points of view are always welcome and if you come back twice I hope you will call yourself a EMQG member!
This was my favorite picture of the night. I asked Phyliss to show me the swap for next month (a dish drainer quilt OR a quilted tea towel) but it looks like I caught Kelly tickling Agnes with a quilted pickle potholder (go look at the show and tell blog for an explanation.)
We had such a fun time looking at all of the completed Solids Challenges. They were all so beautiful (that is why I had to post them first, I just HAD too.) Thanks again to Robert Kaufman for suppling us with the charm packs that inspired our creations.
Last, but not least, a peek at our monthly swap-- it was a summer snack mat. The offerings were so colorful. Pat, keep me honest and get yours from me at the next meeting-- it is a really pretty one and I kinda want to keep it!

Again I went the way of the lunatic and forgot to ask for an independant minutes taker, so we are left with my spotty notes AND what I can remember. Here is a list of some of our "business" items and things that will need tending to in the future:

1)Upcoming quilt shows-- stay tuned for the plan (or if you have a plan to contribute??)
Coburg Quilt Show (Today is the last day to register with them and get your quilt's story in the brochure.) (I will contact those of you who signed up to hang out at our booth that day-- come by and see us even if you didn't sign up!)
Lane County Fair (Last day to register for still exhibits is July 31st.)
Quilt Country (August 5th-October 1.)

2)Habitat Challenge-- I have added the people who signed up on Wednesday, please check the list to make sure you are included-- I think that we have 5 spots left if you still want to participate. This is going to be a short turn-around challenge so I would really like to encourage people to participate that are really interested in completing it. That said, I understand when "life happens"-- BOY, do I understand that! I think that we can come up with a beautiful quilt together. Fabric will be passed out at the August 10th meeting and then we will have and "unveiling" at the September 14th meeting.

3)August Swap-- Dish drainer quilt, or a quilted tea towel (a few tutes and some pics to get you thinking!)

4)August is a surprise summer meeting (details to follow!)

5)September is a Quilting design tutorial by our own Cyndy-- Mark your calendar, this is sure to be an inspiring time!!

6)October is our birthday/anniversary month!! How far we have come-- where we want to go--a.k.a. fabric party!!

7)Planning for future swaps--- November is APRON month in honor of (gobble-gobble) Turkey day

Phewwwww-- I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself there, but I wanted all that info out of the ether and on to the blog? Let's keep the fun times rolling and let's NOT apologize for it!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Solids Challenge--- Complete!

A rainbow of colors... Challenge!! We each got a charm pack of the Kona brights colorway, donated by the great folks at Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The rules were loose... basically make a top larger than 36" square, use your own solids to supplement the charm pack, and use at least half the pack (at least 22 different colors!!)
We had SEW much fun!! Here is my humble offering (Jessica's)
Katie finished hers and it is ready for the Lane Co. Fair!
Deanna made a lovely top, each of those teardrops is hand embroidered with a blanket stitch!

Kelly also finished hers (Surprise!) a modern floating boxes variation.
Karen went wild with rectangles.
Phyliss is crazy about HSTs!
Wanda made a lovely variation of a spinning star block.
Kesch got her improv on and made a cloud of butterflies.
Lillian made some floating 3-D cubes.
Denise went crazy for pinwheels.
Agnes had a field of floating hexagon bubbles (back row left!)
A great time was had by all. Thanks everyone for showing up and taking up the challenge! Thanks Robert Kaufman Fabrics for letting us play with SO many fun colors!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teachers tent... the beginning.

A lovely Kaleidoscope... (I think that this is a Pam Goecke.)
Appliqued birds and my favorite acid greens
A blue and green delight
"Celtic Wave" by Jannilou Creations, a Judy Niemeyer pattern
Detail shot.... I love the spikes with the curves!
"Big Peels" by Pam Goecke (Love the regal colors)
Bari J's Tree quilt
Bari J's appliqued edge quilt
"Hispaniola" by Hilde Morin
"El Condor de Nazca" by Jane Davila
"Building Blocks" by Cindy Needham
I tried to take a picture to show the scale of these stitches... they were so tiny.
Love quilt by Tula Pink
Quilting detail-- I wish I would have written down the quilter... I love the swirls!
"Splendor in the Grass" by Melinda Bula
"Illinois Landscape" by Frieda Anderson
ACKKKKK!! These baskets!!! I wanted to just shove this in my pocket... The blocks were only 2"!! ACKKKK! They were LOVELY! This is called "Basket Mania" by Tonye B. Phillips.
Let's just say that each block is only 2".... Imagine THAT.. there are 196 baskets, so very awesome.
Spargo time!!! I have to say that I wanted better pictures, but the CROWDS!! It was packed around these quilts, packed, packed, packed.... I did not get the names, but the best pictures that I could squeeze in to the masses to snap!
I really admire her color combinations...
Hey Lady! I was here!
Ok, a side shot will have to do...
What beautiful work.

--- I tried to get as many makers as I could connected with their quilts.... I will continue to post more quilts as I have time. I am so glad that so many of you have enjoyed them too.

Business update--
1)Meeting Wednesday (7/13) (THIS WEEK!) Katie will be showing us how she does her cathedral window blocks.
2)Unveiling of the Kona Solids Challenge.
3)Swap-- Summer Snack Mat.
4)Habitat Challenge Still open-- email me!
5)Coburg Quilt show-- July 30th