Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do you just want a little peek?? (it is a Quilt Show!)

Some little elves were busy today... arranging, hanging, cutting string, ooohhhhing, ahhhhhhing, re-arranging (SO sorry Don!!), and smiling very big.
We got started a little bit late, because the first order of business was pulling out all those quilts and drooling all over the talent in our guild. Isn't it always so fun to pour over other people's quilts, and marvel at their hand-stitching, or color choices? This is my favorite part about our group--- so much good work to look at, so much! But I digress...
These pictures don't do any of these quilts justice. You all will just have to come out and see them for yourselves.

The 1st Eugene Modern Quilt Guild Show is opening and having a reception Thursday, June 2, 2011 from 6-8PM at Our Sewing Room.

It will be so fun to see you and your families and all of these wonderful quilts. The show is a fun mix of styles, colors and sizes. (my hope is the first show of many!)

*Fun tip-- Did you know that there is a box at the top of the side bar that you can insert your email address in to and POOF!!! All of the new blog entries will be sent to your INBOX? It is fun, exciting, and fat free!

Have a nice LOOOONG weekend and See you Thursday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Quilt Show... it's a-coming!

(Our own Phyliss, displaying her beautiful garden bouquet quilt at the Pioneer Quilt show last month!! Go fearless Phyliss, Go!)

I feel conflicted... I REALLY need to get out all the info about the Quilt Show, but something exciting has presented itself and I can't wait another day to share.... I guess I will be responsible and make you wait until the end of the post to see the exciting stuff. (Don't you dare scroll ahead!) (I will make it short and sweet.)

First Annual EMQG Quilt Show-- to run June- August 2011 @ Our Sewing Room
(Make arrangements with me to have your quilts up for a shorter amount of time.)

Saturday May 28th 11:00 AM- Hang Quilts
*To hang the quilts they need to have a sleeve to accommodate a rod that you provide, OR if they are small enough they can be hung with pins, or dowels. Sleeves can be as permanent or temporary as you like. (can be held on with safety pins, I prefer a quick whipstitch.) If you are happy with the way it looks, I am happy too!
Helpful Sleeve tutorials- here, here, here, and here
Small quilt hanging ideas- here, here, and here

*I would like to have all the quilts at Our Sewing Room at the same time on Saturday morning so that we can see them all together, sort them, and put them up in a pleasing manner. If you can't make it there on Saturday morning, YET want to hang your quilt in the show, please email me and we can figure it out. I want as many people to have to the opportunity to share their quilt(s) as

*Additionally, I am going to make up a small brochure to help people navigate who is the maker of which quilt. It would be nice if you would share why you made a quilt or what you learned from making your quilt. If you choose not to write anything I will just put your name next to your quilt number. To get your information into the brochure, please email me the information that you would like included. Be sure to specify which info belongs to which quilt, if you are showing more than one.

Thursday June 2, 2011 6-8 PM-- Reception/opening!
*Invite your friends and family, and enjoy seeing your quilt up on display.

If there is anything that you have questions about or improvements to suggest, PLEASE comment OR send me a message. I have shown my own quilts before, but this is my first show to hang... I am sure there will be a learning curve.

As we are busily working on our Kona Solids Challenge... Free Spirit has offered to sponsor another challenge featuring the Habitat line by Jay McCarroll. The rough parameters of this challenge are: we get one colorway of the fabric line and combine it with solids of our choice-- to feature the beautiful fabric and have fun doing it.

Let me know if you are interested in doing this challenge. I have to put our order in, but the start date is a bit fuzzy... I am thinking that we will probably start late summer and have a month or two (or three) to make some beautiful projects.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hexagons on the brain, a recap (FINALLY!)

Who would have ever thought that those crazy 6-sided pieces could be so addictive?
Caroline from Trillium Design ( Caroline's worksheet) came down from Corvallis to share her own hexagon addiction. I loved looking at all of her projects. I loved having some direction when piecing together my own! I had made the process MUCH more difficult than it was. Silly me...
Everyone really got into the handwork and enjoyed the "Workshop" meeting.
There was laughter, chatting, and tattoo discussion-- it was a very full evening.
Denise got many of her Bee blocks returned, and they were FABULOUS!
We all held our breath as people picked a "bag",
The swap was another success! I was so jealous, that I came home and finished mine! Zippers are not so hard to put in after all. SO much easier when you use the ZIPPER foot, right?

Keep checking back this week... WE ARE HAVING A QUILT SHOW!!!
the nitty gritty dates are HANGING, Saturday May 28, 11:00AM, RECEPTION Thursday June 2, 7-9PM..... posting more tomorrow!

Many thanks to Caroline for sharing with us. If you have something that you would like to share with the group let me know, it can be as big or little as you like!-- we will get you scheduled!


MOO Cards..

Mine came...I wish you could feel the quality cardstock that are used.   Really, really nice!  

An uploaded quilt pix on the front and all of our EMQG goodness on the back.

Have you ordered yours?  


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A button??

Ok, so I have been playing with designs in Word, then copying them to Paint, and trying to come up with some sort of blog button.  What do you all think?   What we decide on can become the header for our blog, so everything is matching. 

I was thinking simple was best...more modern you know : )

Give me your input in comments or on Facebook, or email however.  It can be tweaked so many ways, I have just begun to play.  

Once you all decide what you like, then I can figure out the HTML script part and we can have a super cool button. 


Monday, May 9, 2011

Hex you!

1. Making my hexagons portable, 2. Hexagons, 3. hexagons, 4. Hexagon Auditions., 5. Hexagons, 6. Hexagons are addicting, 7. Starting another hexagon project seemed like a good idea..., 8. Falling Hexagons Doll Quilt, 9. DQS8- hexagon quilt done!!, 10. YIP 365.86 :: Hexagon in progress , 11. flowers, 12. Hexagon block in the sun, 13. LQS4 - mini hexes, 14. Pillow Talk Swap, 15. three lovely pillows, 16. hexes 2, 17. Hexagon patchwork cushion, 18. I can haz addiction?, 19. Pillow done~~Plum crazy, 20. munki hexies

Does handwork make you squeamish?? This month we are going to be pulling out our "old sKool" needles and getting our HEX on!! Wednesday night (this very Wednesday May 11, 2011), Caroline from Trillium Design, is going to come and teach us a bit about English paper piecing-- more specifically HEXAGONS!! She is trekking down from Corvallis to share with us, it is going to be a good time. To make it more fun for YOU, please bring your hand sewing supplies i.e. needle/thread/little scissors and some scraps to make hexagons (at least 3" square.). You can bring more and share with your friends (isn't it nice to have friends?!)

In addition to Hexagon talk, we also have a few other things in the mix for this week's meeting:
1)Quilt show!! Hanging options--buying a rod.
2)Get your Solids Challenge Charm packs!! Katie and Anne!
3)Swap! Zipper pouches!
4) site R.I.P.
4.5)MoooOOOOO cards
4.75)Sew Days and Nights for the rest of 2011
5)Show and Tell!

I am looking forward to seeing you all, it is going to be a fun and busy meeting! Again, as always, if you have anything that YOU would like to add to the agenda, comment OR send me an email.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Get your May on... Is that even a saying?? Let's get our geek on!

1. Union Jack Shoes, 2. union_jacks, 3. Union Jack Pillow, 4. Union Jack cushion, 5. union jack 2, 6. Union Jack Block, 7. Union Jack Hearts, 8. Union Jack, 9. union jack mug rug, 10. Union Jack, 11. Union Jack purse, 12. union jack pincushion, 13. union jack banner with mini yo yo's ~ bunting ~ flags, 14. union jack, 15. Child eating a Union Jack cupcake, 16. Union Jack Fence, 17. Union Jack 3, 18. Union Jack, 19. Union Jack Cushion, 20. union jack cushion, 21. Union Jack Cushions, 22. Union Jack, 23. Union Jack cushion cover, 24. Union Jack, 25. Union Jack Quilt

Can you tell that I like the Union Jack graphic?

Yes, I have been looking at all things Royal the past few days. I have been getting totally geeked out on the wedding hats and the different uniforms and their tassels and pins and things... very geeked out. I thought that today I would share some geeky tools that you, too can use to find your way back to things that you love on the internet. It can inspire your quilting, while away a rainy afternoon and OPEN a whole new world to you.

1. Flickr-- I always start here because there is just so much to see by just inserting key words in to the search box. It is very easy to sign up and you don't have to post pictures in order to make mosaics or find things that you can "favorite". THEN when you need some quilting mojo, look back over your favorites and BEGIN!

2.Mosaic Maker (from This site is key in making a fun inspiration mosaic. You do have to sign up for access to the site, but the grid possibilities are ENDLESS.

3. Color palette generator (also from a fun little way to come up with some color options if you see an image that you like. For example: If you are totally blahhed with your normal "go-to" colors-- you can find a picture that you like, put in in the palette generator, and then have a new set of colors to use when you pull from your stash to make something different and possibly fabulous.

4. Pinterest-- A inspiration board type of site where you can "pin" any images that you find ANYWHERE and collect them in one spot. They have a little button to attach to your browser so that when you see something FABULOUS, you just tap the button and it goes to your "board". I like this site because it drags the URL (earl??) (web address) along with the picture so that I can go back and find the blog or website that I originally was intrigued by. (the site is still in it's Beta stage so it might take a day or two for an invite-- but it is REALLY cool!)

Go forth-- explore, learn something new this May! It is fun, fat-free, and fantastic!

This week is also our Sew Night! Thursday night 6-9pm at Our Sewing Room. Come, keep me company-- I am actually working on a bed size quilt for once!

And if you have a geek-worthy tool that you like to use to get inspired-- please share in the comments!