Saturday, April 23, 2011


Update on the latest!!
I have finally put our old web site out of it's misery. Hopefully we all are connected to the new site and have bookmarked it. For site updates there is a newsletter sign-up box in the right hand column. If you sign up there, whenever I update the blog you will be sent a special message in your very own email-box.

For those of your still wondering about what Our Sewing Room looks like, it is featured in the latest edition of SeenEugene, a fun online visual magazine. Great pictures of a fun place to sew! Remember we are sewing there NEXT Saturday April 30. I have been baking bread like crazy I will bring some to share! (Don't worry it will be fresh, I am nothing, if not fresh.)

Business Cards-- We are going to make some Moo cards for the guild... moo cards are a great, "MODERN" (ha ha) way to get the word out about the guild. We can have many different pictures on them and we were thinking that it would be fun and eye-catching to put pictures of our quilts on there as advertisement and then have the web address and the meeting time. I have a bunch of pictures from show and tell as well as some from our flickr group. If you have some images of your quilts that you would like to be included please add them to the pool on flickr, email me, or bring them to show and tell and we can photograph them. Again, if you would prefer to NOT to be included shoot me an email.

Project Modern 3-- I will freely admit that I did not get my self together enough to do #2, but here we are with #3-- The theme is "Organic"-- perfect for our neck of the woods!

Finally-- this past week at the Emerald Valley Quilters meeting a speaker Bill Volckening, shared some of his quilt collection. They were some of the most amazing examples of applique and quilting I have seen. He was also very funny, in a way that only a true quilt nerd can be. Benton County museum is having a show of his "New York Beauty" collection this summer. I will be sure to organize a field trip, the ones that he brought to share are truly wonderful.

There is my brain dump... there are a lot of exciting things going on right now... if you find something to share, send Denise or I an email and we can post it for the whole group. Have a great and sunny (please!!) weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pouches, not saddle bags.

*Mosaic compiled by verykerryberry* (too cute to not borrow!)

Hello all!

I, and apparently Kesch and Denise, have pouches on the brain (May's swap item.) I was looking at Mike's flickrstream and I think that he is mastering ZIPPERS!! There are some good (and finished) looking pouches on there! If you are in to looking for yourself, you can start at the inspiration festival here and dance on over to one of these tutorials:

If you find a good one post it in the comments and then we can all have a gander!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Minutes April 13, 2011

EMQG Minutes – April 13, 2011

EMQG Quilt Show:
Grow as a person and a quilter! Mary Jo at the Our Sewing Room has offered to hang our Guild’s quilts in the studio. During the EMQG Sew Day on May 28, we are invited to hang a quilt that you are willing to leave on display for about three months. (If you are not willing to commit to this amount of time, let Jessica know as there is some flexibility.) We discussed a Viewing Soiree for the following Thursday, June 2, invited friends and family to a reception to celebrate our creativity. We could bring refreshments to share. Other future options for quilt display could be the Eugene Library or the Springfield Library.

Preparing for Hanging: Jessica will check to see how our quilts need to be prepared for hanging at Our Sewing Room. May’s meeting will feature tips and options for preparing your quilt with a sleeve or other hanging technique.

Solid Challenge: Challenge participants received a Robert Kaufmann “Brights” Solids pack. Instructions for the challenge are on the EMQG blog:

You may piece just the top if you are unable to finish the quilt project. Due date is our July 13 EMQG meeting.

April Sew Day: Due to Easter Weekend our sewing Saturday has been rescheduled for Saturday, April 30. A reminder that there is a monthly calendar tab on the EMQG blog that has all our scheduled activities including Sew Nights and Sew Days.

Computer Tutorials: Jessica will be bringing her computer to all Sew Days and Sew Nights for anyone who would care to review how to navigate the EMQG blog or Flickr or other sites that are referenced at our meetings.

Monthly Swap: This month we swapped charms – cute covered buttons, fabric whimsies, beads, metal charms and created dangles. Thanks to everyone who participated. It will be fun to see our creations from these treasures. Next Month’s Swap will be pouches – small fabric bags with a zipper or some type of closure. Ideas for future Swaps include Totes and Aprons.

Fabric Sale: This Saturday, April 16 starting at 9am, there will be a fabric “garage” sale at Our Sewing Room. Fifteen vendors will be offering fabric and notions for sale. One sales table has goods being sold from a recently deceased quilter who asked that her stash be sold to help offset the cost of her funeral.

Upcoming Events: Quilter’s Safari Shop Hop – April 22 – May 1
Pioneer Quilters have a show at the Lane Co. Fairgrounds April 9-17

Cindy’s Challenge: Cindy has offered up a challenge for a Fence Rail quilt. Due date is our meeting on June. 8.

Show and Tell and other fun news: Several people shared recent quilts, blocks and projects. We learned about Spoon Flower a site to upload your original art to be turned into printed fabric. Our very own Jessica is published! See her two two projects with directions in the current edition of “101 Patchwork Projects” magazine. Congratulations!

We talked about printing EMQG business cards to hand out and have available at various quilt stores or other businesses were like minded folks frequent. Several people offered to donate to help offset this cost. And remember that there is a printable flyer on the EMQG website.

Next meeting is Wednesday, May 11. Our May Sew Night is Thur., May 5 and our meeting is Wed., May 11.

Minutes taken and submitted by Laurie (Thanks!! you were SO fast!)
Posted later than desired by Jessica (sorry, technology sometimes is not my friend.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

This week in quilts...

*Graphic borrowed from Lane County Historical Society site

This past weekend was a whirlwind for me, what about you? I did not get to the quilt show at the Historical museum yet... but luckily they always go for 2 weekends and the week in between. Anybody want to meet up on Saturday or Sunday? (We can talk at Wednesday's meeting.) I like going to the Pioneer Quilter's show because they always have something for everyone. It is usually a nice mix of traditional quilts with some art quilts and antique quilts peppered in, here and there. There are always many hand quilted pieces and I really appreciate all the time and work that goes in to that (I don't know if I have one in me yet, but I do like to see them.)

Maybe it will inspire some of you to share your quilts at Our Sewing Room beginning at the end of May?? Maybe yes?

I was telling everyone at last Thursday's Sew Night, that I just have been missing you all. It was so nice to show up that night (a bit late, but still welcome) and see familiar and new faces (So glad you came Kristin!!) and think that just 6 months ago I was sewing alone (when I could keep the kids out of the room!) I am excited about our meeting this week (Wednesday night!!) I am excited to see you all and excited to see what is the story about these "charms" that we will swap.

A brief agenda, to keep me on the straight and narrow:
1)-quilt show-- Hanging at the end of May-- Should we do a Thursday night "reception" to invite friends and family?
2)Robert Kaufman Kona cotton Solids Challenge--the packs are here!! Here are some examples of other MQG challenge participants.
3)Getting Computer Savvy--it always bears mentioning...
4)Swap--- "Charms??? Not charm packs, but bracelet charms. Homemade, store bought, whatever catches your fancy, just charms to make some sewing/quilt/craft related charm bracelets. Everyone who would like to participate should bring 10-15 charms. This will not be a blind swap, we will spread them out on a table for all to see, and if you bring 10, you get to pick 10 charms home with you!"
5)Show and Tell-- I can't wait to see what you all have come up with this month!

If there is anything that you think is left off of the agenda or you would like to add to the agenda, please comment or send me an email.

See you Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alert!! Sew Night! Alert!

With the greatest of hopes that I am not too annoying AND that I will not sew alone tonight (sure I finish things, but me laughing alone... well it gets a little weird.) here is the reminder that the EMQG is sewing tonight at Our Sewing Room, 6pm-9pm!

Also since I have been thinking of charms and fabric charms--

If anyone has found other good ones please link us to them in the comments!
See you tonight!

Dumbing down of quilting...

Have you all been following these blog conversations about the "dumbing down of quilting"?  

  • Definition of DUMB DOWN per

  • transitive verb

  • : to lower the level of difficulty and the intellectual content of (as a textbook); also : to lower the general level of intelligence in <the dumbing down of society>

  • Dumbing down per Wikipedia is a pejorative term for a perceived over-simplification of education, news and television (among other things), or as a statement of truth about real cultural trends in education and culture.

Kind of an interesting topic, one that is bound to bring up all kinds of differing opinions I think.   Kesch brought it up in an email to me this morning and it is a topic that has been bouncing around in my brain for the past few days since reading one of the many blog posts about it. 

Here are some links...and the comments are quite heated by some fellow quilters that are all sorts of riled up about the topic!  

Piecemeal Quilts, parts 1, 2, and 3!   Lots of passion here!

Bloom  A good summary of the discussion and her thoughts on it.

Tallgrass Prairie Studio  How she is responding to what she feels is a personal attack on her quilting techniques.  

Sew Inspired...I agree with her sentiments. 

Just google it and see what you come up with...everyone has an might make for an interesting meeting night next week if we all decide to voice ours! LOL 


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Charmed, I'm sure...

Hello there--
So I have been thinking of charms... have you been thinking of charms??
This is just to give another nudge. Remember the swap for April is Charms! I will be checking in again tomorrow, when flickr let's me load some photos. (Someday!) I hope you all are enjoying the spring weather. I am.

I saw this the other day. I too am a quilter with a naked bed (I knew I could get your attention if I wrote "naked"!) There are so many plans that rattle around for the "perfect" quilt for my room. I think that I am going to go for it and make some thing that I like a lot for now. Do you want to join me?