Thursday, April 6, 2023


One of our Eugene Modern Quilt Guild ongoing projects for 2023 is to create a gallery of "Modern Mini Quilts" to explain What Is Modern Quilting.  Last year, we did a series of talks during our monthly meetings on the various elements of Modern Quilting and shared photos of members' quilts that demonstrated these elements.  The guild plans to use the 2023 Modern Mini Quilts in future displays to share our craft with the local community.

The challenge for the first quarter of the year was:

 Modern Traditionalism

The term Modern Traditionalism generally refers to any quilt that has a traditional pattern, block, or design as its foundation, combined with one or more modern design elements (source: Quilting Daily)

‘Modern Design Elements’

● Use of negative space

● Scale

● Asymmetry

● Modern fabrics

● Alternate grid

● Improvisation

And here are the 18 inch square mini quilts made by members as examples of Modern Traditionalism.

The traditional blocks these are based on, in clockwise order, are Flying Geese, Friendship Star, Double Wedding Ring, and Golden Gare.

Nine Patch, and three Log Cabin versions.

Triangles, Bear Paw, and two Half Square Triangles.

Ohio Star, Nine Patch, and another Ohio Star.

Flying Geese, Four Patch, and Hexagons.

As you can see, we are all using the same palette of solid color fabrics which makes for a stunning display in person. In looking at the list of Modern Design Elements above, they are all represented in our Modern Minis.

Great job by all of our participants!