Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meeting this week!! March 11 @ LGH

Hi all,

See you this week at LGH (little green house-- our usual spot.) March 11, doors open at 6:30, business at 7. Remember to comment on the EMQG page on the MQG site to be entered in a drawing for some fun quilty swag! (by 5pm on 3/11/15 please.)

Other reminders:

Please view the retreat site possibilities

Swap theme is EMBROIDERY.  Make something modern, fun, and of a quality that you would like to receive.

Bring your awesome finished Bee blocks!

Bring Show and Tell (you can sign up online!)

Bring your sweet self and a friend that loves modern quilting!

See you soon!


Friday, March 6, 2015

Hi all! Seattle MQG in the HOUSE!

Hello from the Seattle MQG, your host for this year’s PNW meetup!

Here are the save-the-date (s) for the PNW Meetup 2105 in seattle:

August 20-23, 2015 held @Silver Cloud Inn, University Village
(where we will be centalized and there are blocks of rooms available at the hotel, now) 

Silver Cloud Inn 5036-25th ave NE Seattle, WA 98105 206. 526.5200
ask for "PNW Meetup” rate (rate expires July 4th)

US dollars: $179 king single and $189 queen double $219/209 suite
(we reserved one for each large guild if they wish-only 2 remaining)

*hotel stay includes free daily buffet breakfast, cable, pool& spa, fitness center, free wi-fi internet access, coffee, microwave, frig and safe in each room, guest laundry and free parking and shuttle service. Blocks from Univ of WA and upscale shopping complex of boutique shops(U village).

You do not have to stay at the hotel but we tried for affordable accommodations here. There many other hotels in the area.

There will be a multitude of events: a mixer friday night, all day/night sew-in, sat (on premises), swap, swag, shop-hops….

More details & official invite, etc coming in March, but the dates are set now for planning, and we hope they will work for you all.

There will be 12 guilds invited total. (whew!) (based on newly formed guilds and those who attended last year)

Let me know any Qs I can answer for right now….



Thursday, March 5, 2015

The National Quilt Museum Announces 25th Anniversary Juried Contest

Over $40,000 in prizes will be awarded.
Some quilts will become part of traveling exhibit.

In 2016 The National Quilt Museum will be celebrating its 25th year. The Museum was established in 1991 with the mission to honor the work of today's quilters and bring it to new audiences worldwide. Over the past 25 years, millions of people from all 50 US states and over 70 foreign countries have experienced this extraordinary art form through the Museum's in-facility and traveling exhibits, educational programs, and advocacy efforts.

Click here for full contest information.

Click here for signup form.

The deadline for submission is December 1, 2015.

Please contact Museum Curator/Registrar Judy Schwender with questions at or by phone at 270-442-8856.

The National Quilt Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization funded by the quilting community.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Present: Madyson John, Linda Delaplain, Daisy Schrock, Pat Johnson, Anne Robertson, Jessica Beaudet, Nelda Copsey
Jessica is taking over the Social Media/Photographer position.  Either Karen McClain or Lillian Shoupe will take over Jessica’s position of Swap Organizer.
1.  Technical Communication:  Madyson suggested using the Modern Quilt Guild’s web site for EMQG members to access our guild’s member information, rather than finding a secure way to put it on our web site.  She and Jessica will do a “how-to” session at the February guild meeting on the web sites, signing up for the blog emails, joining the EMQG Group on the MQG web site, using the comment boxes, etc.  Jessica suggested encouraging members to use Flicker, Instagram, and Pinterest to share projects.  Jessica has a goal of two posts per week on the blog, including photos and captions.  All present were excited about moving forward with these ideas.
2.  Board Position Transitions:  Madyson will hand over the treasurer documents to Linda after the taxes are done for 2015.  Jennifer Fogarty-Gibson can help with treasurer issues.  Madyson will hand over the membership records to Anne at the January meeting, since the secretary is the keeper of those records.
3.  Ideas for Regular Activities:  Daisy suggested putting information on the blog to further progress in our charity quilt projects.  Jessica suggested putting Swap guidelines on the list of the year’s swaps including that there is no obligation, just month to month.  Madyson said there may be enough interest in the Bee Blocks to have two groups; maybe one could be for 10 months rather than 12, or one could be a Scraps Only group.  There was discussion about the Bees being a learning experience and trying new things, making them somewhat challenging, and being of a more modern design, as well as suggestions for block ideas.
4.  Calendar:  Madyson has created a EMQG calendar for 2015 with a list of events.  The board agreed that EMQG will pay for the printing and the calendars will be distributed at the January EMQG meeting.
5.  Sew Nights:  Held on the third Wednesday of the month at McNail-Riley House at 6:30 until about 8:30 pm.  Madyson unlocks the door at 6:30 pm, but if no one else comes by 6:45 pm she will leave.  Attendance has been poor.
6.  Sew Days:  Held on the fourth Saturday of the month at Our Sewing Room from 10 am until 4 pm.  Discussion was held about improving participation in Sew Days e.g. teaching classes and resurrecting Block of the Month demonstrations.  Daisy volunteered to do a Quilt As You Go class.  It was suggested to show samples or brief demonstrations at the EMQG meetings to draw interest, as well as describing the resources at Our Sewing Room.  Perhaps charge a fee for non-members.  Nelda announced that Our Sewing Room wants to hang EMQG modern quilts for a month.  It will be discussed at the January meeting.
7.  Other Modern Quilt Guilds:  Pat suggested a outing some time to a Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting, possibly staying overnight at members’ homes and visiting quilt shops the next day.  Madyson has been in touch with the Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild and they may want to get together.  All present are very interested in the possibilities.
8.  2015 Board Meetings:  Dates for the board meetings for the rest of 2015 were set, approximately every two months.

9.  Daisy announced that a Textile Show is currently running at the Maude Kerns Art Gallery.  She will bring postcards to the January meeting.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

EMQG Meeting Minutes February 11, 2015

Presenter: Daisy Schrock

Minutes: Anne Robertson

Photographer: Jessica Beaudet


Sew Night: Wednesday, February 18 at McNail-Riley House at 6:30 pm

Sew Day: Saturday, February 28 at Our Sewing Room from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

“Quilt-As-You-Go” demo by Daisy will be held at the March Sew Day on March 28. She will give the demo in the morning and again in the afternoon.


Pat Johnston is looking for ideas for quilting retreat locations for the guild and asked for a show of hands of who would be interested in going on a retreat. Lots of hands were raised! She will give an update at the next meeting.

Karen McClain brought postcards from L’Etoffe Fabrics, a new fine apparel fabric store in downtown Springfield. They are participating in Springfield’s 2nd Friday Art Walk this month.

Also participating in the 2nd Friday Art Walk is Our Sewing Room, featuring our guild’s modern quilts. They look great – stop in and take a look! The Permission to Play pieces from January with the theme of “Shelter” are displayed at the front of OSR, just as you walk in, and also look wonderful.

Pat announced that Portland SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) want to show EMQG’s Permission to Play pieces at one of their meetings. Pat will be taking the pieces to their March meeting on the 3rd Wednesday. Pat emphasized that we have a lot of creativity and some very good quilters in our group. It’s great to be building connections with other groups!

Daisy has attended a couple of the Eugene SAQA meetings. They are now meeting at the Eugene Textile Center and will be hosting demos on 3rd Friday afternoons. Upcoming demos include fabric dyeing and needle felting.

Madyson John announced the first EMQG “Flea Market” is at tonight’s meeting. This is Kelly Duke’s idea of bringing quilting/sewing stuff you don’t want anymore and putting it out for sale to the other members, with the proceeds going to EMQG. Ideas include fabric, magazines, books, notions, etc. Please mark it with a price before you set it out. Tonight’s sale was a great success with just about everything selling by the end of the evening. Madyson is going to add the leftovers from last year’s Coburg Quilt Show booth at the next meeting, so bring your cash!

Madyson also announced that plans are being made for the Sisters Quilt Show in July. The Modern Quilt Guilds are having a meet-up, and perhaps EMQG members attending the show can travel and/or stay together. More definite plans will be announced in the future.

The number of older projects shown at tonight’s Show And Tell brought up a suggestion/challenge from Daisy to bring a finished “UFO” (unfinished object) to the March meeting for Show and Tell.


Kathy Langston received her ribbon blocks and was very appreciative.

Jill McKenney is the Bee Queen for February. She passed out fabric packets of one color theme and showed her idea of creating blocks of random sizes and various shaped pieces. She will scatter them in a negative space. Denise Nash suggested looking at the blog, for instructions on making your own fabric from pieces.


Daisy showed the finished quilt top (blocks of colored strips surrounded by black and white). Thanks, Daisy, for putting all those slightly different sized blocks together – definitely a modern quilt and it looks great! Daisy is also donating the backing, Denise Nash is donating the batting, and Susan Miner has volunteered to do the quilting. Thanks ladies, for your generosity!


Pat and Daisy showed the February pieces created around the theme of “Night Reflections”. Once again, the pieces were very creative and all different, including moons, stars, and oceans in the designs. Pat gave an explanation for those who missed out before – a 12” by 12” piece that “references quilting”. The theme for March was drawn and is “Comfort Zone”.

It was suggested that perhaps EMQG could have a display at the Coburg Quilt Show and the Pioneer Quilters’ show of the Permission to Play pieces for membership recruitment and publicity.


The February swap was scarves, and there were beautiful ones in a variety of fabrics and colors!

Karen said a swap calendar for the rest of the year will be posted on the blog.

The swap for March will be something with embroidery on it.

Madyson gave a talk on how to navigate the web site of the Modern Quilt Guild and the blog of Eugene Modern Quilt Guild. She made up a handout which she passed out of the basics for signing up and logging in. She will also put the how-to information on the EMQG blog for the details. Everyone is strongly encouraged to get on the MQG web site and use it! It is the best way to communicate with your fellow EMQG members by posting comments on the group space. There is a lot of great resources on the web site including free quilt patterns and webinars, as well as how-to information about using the site. Also, use the EMQG blog for our guild information. If you have problems using them, ask Madyson for help using the “Contact Us” box on the blog, or, for the MQG site, email their IT support staff which is very good and quick to respond.

To encourage EMQG members to get on the MQG web site, Jessica held a drawing for some fun goodies and had Kelly draw the name of the winner, which was Anne. She was very happy to win the book and charm packs. Jessica will hold another drawing next month – so get onto that Modern Quilt Guild web site, find the EMQG group, and post a comment! All members who do will be entered into the March drawing (and Jessica says she has lots more goodies to give away!).

The second part of the program was Madyson sharing about online swaps. They are a great way to get fun stuff such as mini-quilts, fabric, gifts, etc. as well as connect with other creative people from all over. Madyson showed several lovely mini-quilts she has received. The best way to look for swaps is through Instagram on your smart phone or mobile device e.g. IPad. There are many different kinds of swaps including just for quilters, for all types of crafters, or for a specific type of craft.

The program for the March meeting is to be announced.


Pat Johnston: Quilt made up of paper pieced blocks using her hand-dyed fabrics. She dyed the fabric about 1998, pieced the blocks in 2002, and finished the quilt in 2015, with quilting done by Susan Miner. Pat would be willing to teach a group to hand-dye fabric.

Missy Downey: Quilt for partner from her partner’s mother’s fabric stash. Pattern created, pieced, and quilted by herself 2013–2015.

Nela Barrow: “Meadow Quilt”. Pattern by Lizzy House, pieced by herself in 2014-2015, quilted by Denise Nash.

“Rainbow Mini Star”. Pattern created, pieced, and quilted by herself in 2015.

Linda Delaplain: quilt top of paper doll fabric blocks, pieced by herself in 2015.

Justine Heavilon: “Dahlia”. A class quilt from a few years ago, pieced and quilted by herself finishing it in 2014.

Kim Olsen: Block. Pattern from “I Am A Ginger Monkey” blog, an online quilt along from about 2009-2010, pieced by herself. Plans to do her own block of the month to make a quilt in colors for her late mother.

Daisy Schrock: “Yellow Bird”. Pattern created, pieced, and quilted by herself in 2015. She pointed out the zigzag backing fabric is actually 54” wide heavy cotton upholstery fabric, and she used the zigzag pattern as a guide for the quilting.

“president’s quilt”. Mixed block patterns, pieced by the Shenandoah Valley Quilt Guild, quilted by herself in the early 2000’s. The blocks were given to her at the end of her term as guild president.

Retreat! NO! Forward motion please!

Urban Chickens blocks

Hi all!

Pat has been hard at work.  She has been looking high and low, hither and yon for retreat sites! Can you all, our sweet membership, take a peek at these two sites? 

Thank you Pat, for moving us forward on our search process.  Members, let's look and work towards some consensus on a retreat site.  We can discuss it in next week's meeting, March 11.


EDIT-- Link is fixed for Kellogg springs