Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lots Of Info!

Hello lovely readers and members of the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild!

We have lots of past and future information for you!

This Wednesday September 10th we have a meeting Social time from 6:30-7
Meeting begins at 7, ends promptly by 8:30 at the McNail-Riley house.

If a tote bag was purchased for you and you haven't picked it up yet please bring your $10 to the meeting. Madyson will be collecting the money. 

If you didn't get the email from Jen (our 2014 president) here it is...

Several of the Board Members are planning to vacate their spots at the end of the term that ends in December. As per our by-laws we planned on having elections in September. However, we don't have enough time to make this happen in September and make sure that the membership has adequate time to think about positions, know what they entail, etc. Plan on learning more about the positions that are open next week, and an election will be held at the October meeting on October 8th.

On October 8th we will have a election ballots for members to fill out, and a regular program. 

If you have any questions about anything please use the box on the upper right hand side of this page or email Jen please. We want there to be as little confusion as possible. 

Now onto past events! 

Our quilt raffle winner!!

 Margaret Stafford, a EMQG members' mother. 

Congratulations Margaret!!


EMQG Meeting notes 8/13/2014

Greeting: Jennifer

Minutes: Missy

Our Annual Picnic held at Friendly Park. It was short and sweet due to the deluge of 
RAIN!!! Rain that we needed in our state of Oregon, but what timing I might say!!! 
Anyway, beautiful swap items, bee blocks and show and tell occurred as we quickly 
wrapped up and ran to our cars with full bellies. Yummy food and drinks were had, 
thanks to everyone for the goodies!


Shawna received some blocks and they looked great!
August Bee: Nelda: disappearing 4 patch


Coburg Quilt Show: our first booth in the community was a good showing. Karen’s 
mother won raffle quilt. Good exposure for our guild...a lot of postcards about the 
EMQG were distributed.

Discussion was held regarding ideas for future donation/raffle quilts. Susan M. has 
volunteered to long arm quilt the next one that is made. :) Thank you Susan!
September (next meeting) is when elections are to be held for the guild positions 
to start in Jan 2015. For all those thinking about running make sure to look at the 
Bylaws for more information about the roles of the positions.

SWAP: Bags, of all shapes designs. Nice variety and such creativity in our group of 


A very quick showing of items this month, as it was POURING down rain at the time. 
Of those that we had a glimpse of, beautiful work! Hopefully pictures were taken so 
we can better see the items. If you feel that you did not get the chance to fully show 
your item, please bring it next meeting so we can all get a closer/better look at your 

Thank you all for all that you do and we will see you this Wednesday!!