Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our May Queen Bee

We would like to introduce our May Queen Bee, Daisy S.

Tell us a little bit of your quilting history and experience:

I have no family history of quilting. I was an engineer by training and an artist by inclination. In 1989 a quilter asked me to draw some designs that she could turn into appliqué templates. I was intrigued with her project and started to help her assemble it. She cunningly never mentioned that she was teaching me quilting since I considered her to be the crazy lady who had an entire basement full of fabric. She was an accomplished quilter and I was lucky enough to have a one-on-one apprenticeship with her. Now I'm the crazy lady with an entire room devoted to quilting.

What does quilting means to you? 

Quilting allows me to satisfy my artistic cravings for color while making a functional object that can bring comfort to others. 

Why did you want to join our bee? 

I wanted to join the bee block exchange for several reasons. First, making other people's blocks would be a way to learn names and faces in the group. Second, making different blocks would teach me different techniques, patterns, and color combinations. And, probably most importantly, I have this room full of fabric that needs to get used up -- the bee exchange forces me to make something!  

What was the reason or thoughts behind your choice of block/design/project for the bee?  

I chose the 'In the Box' block for the exchange because it has a "modern" feel. The piecing is fairly simple but the block gives people a chance to play with design. Plus, I had more than enough fabric to make an entire quilt top.