Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Meeting Reminder

Our May meeting will be a very important meeting for the future of EMQG and we are urging members not to miss it! 

Many of you hopefully got the email from Jennifer that was sent out regarding our Modern Quilt Guild membership status. If you did not get the email, here is a re-cap of what it said:

The Eugene Modern Quilt Guild is very close to having completed the steps leading to non-profit organization status. Our Board has been hard at work making this happen over the last two months. We held a Board meeting on April 19th. We talked about the mission and vision of our organization and finalized the by-laws. We have decided that our yearly dues will be $20. Although the MQG will prorate our fees for us this year, the EMQG is asking for the full $20. There are fees associated with all of the steps that have helped us to become a non-profit. The Board has fronted these fees so far and will need to be reimbursed.  Additionally, we want to have a cushion in our account, which is a good business practice. At the May 14th EMQG meeting we will be doing two very important business items: approving (ratifying, really) the by-laws by vote and beginning to collect dues from our membership. The Board has decided that as long as fees are paid by the June 11th they will not be considered late. We would like all members to plan on paying $20 between now and June 11th. 

Tomorrow night's meeting will be the final vote (approval), of the by-laws, which is very important for all members to attend. We will also be starting to collect dues. Again, everyone has until June 11th, but if you can we would love to be able to collect tomorrow night (cash preferred, or a check made out to Eugene Modern Quilt Guild that will not be cashed for a week or so).

Don't forget your Bee blocks, swap items and something to show & tell, as we will still be doing those things as well!

Also, please note that there is construction going on all around our meeting spot at the McNail Riley House. The parking lot across the street at the fairground is still accessible and open for use. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need to allow extra time for alternative detour routes. 

Meeting at 6:30/7 @ the McNail-Riley House 601 W 13th in Eugene

We really hope to see everyone there!