Saturday, January 4, 2014

Meeting Reminder

Happy New Year all!

Just a reminder our first meeting of 2014 is coming up fast.

January 8, 2014.  Doors open at 6:30, meeting starts at 7:00. 

McNail-Riley House 601 W 13th in Eugene

We will be electing officers for the following positions:

  • President
  • Presenter 
  • Program director (aka Glorious Organizer)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Blogger/photographer (filled)
  • Swap organizer
  • Bee organizer

If you have a name tag, please wear it.  With all the new faces it makes it much easier (and less embarrassing)!

Here is the promised information about each position we are volunteering for.  Each position is for 1 year, January to January.  The Portland Modern Quilt Guild has done a great job describing these and the duties involved.  We will loosely follow what they have going on as we are a much smaller and informal group at this point. 

  • Arrange, schedule and facilitate meetings
  • Assist/Coordinate in planning monthly meetings.
  • Assist with organization and maintenance of each other position in the guild. 
  • Arrive 1/2 hour ahead of time to assist in set up and stay for clean up. 
  • Be the key guardian for McNail-Riley house or coordinate other meeting sites.  Must keep a log of who has the key at all times and be in contact with the City of Eugene to have the key in Presidents name.
  • Work with officers to establish bylaws and guidelines for the guild in accordance with The Modern Quilt Guild.
Primary function is to see to the smooth running of the entire guild. Must feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people. 
Organization is necessary and follow through is a must. 
Takes suggestions from all members under advisement. Works with individuals as needed.
Primary function is to be facilitate each monthly meeting. 
  • Attend monthly guild meeting.  
  • Arrive 1/2 hour ahead of time to assist with set up and stay for clean up.
  • Actively participate in guild leadership and decisions with the President and other officers. 
  • Help establish bylaws and guidelines for the guild in accordance with The Modern Quilt Guild.   
  • Act as de facto president when president is absent.
Must feel comfortable speaking in front of the group.  This can be a shared duty with 2 presenters for the year.  
Program Director (aka Glorious Organizer)
  • Actively recruits a guest speaker for each meeting.  Talks with the speaker about what to present and offering any help, encouragement and support
  • Actively works on future month’s meetings: content, lectures, social events, sewing projects etc.
  • Coordinating give aways or further challenges or events based on the program presented
  • Encourage members to be presenters
  • Have on hand “filler” material on hand in case a meeting runs short and or program changes.  
  • Coordinates our Sew Days and Sew Nights.

Ability to speak in front of large group.  Can actively seek new information from people and groups
Organizational ability and attention to detail a must. 

The primary duty of the secretary is to take notes at all monthly meetings and email the information to the bloggers for posting to the blog.  You must have an attention to detail and be available for each monthly meeting. The minutes must be typed up and emailed to the bloggers within 2 days of each meeting.

This is a new position and may take some tweaking, but here is what PMQG has listed as some of the main Responsibilities:

  • Maintain bank account including preparing monthly/quarterly statements, pay any bills that may incur including reimbursements to members
  • Handle membership dues collection
  • Maintain membership spreadsheet: including collecting new membership forms, entering data and keeping records updated

Photographer/Blogger  (This position is filled)

Maintain the blog in a timely fashion with the minutes posted within a week of each meeting.  Maintain the calendar of events, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram accounts with fresh content related to our modern quilt guild.  Also maintain the email account.   Must have blogging experience and experience with all aspects of social media.

Swap Organizer

Organize and coordinate the yearly swaps for each meeting and have this posted to the blog.  Announce each monthly swap and guidelines at each meeting, keeping in mind modern quilting esthetics.

Bee Organizer

Organize and coordinate the yearly quilt bee.  Announce each monthly bee member and their project and keep track to sure each bee member gets their blocks sent and returned in a timely manner. 

**Here are also some examples from The Modern Quilt Guild about bylaws and what the Austin Modern Quilt Guild has published. Please read through these if you are thinking about volunteering for a leadership position.

See you at the meeting on Wednesday night!