Monday, December 23, 2013

Meeting Notes

12/18/13 EMQG Meeting Notes


Presenters:  Phyllis and Diane

Minutes:  Karen

Photographer:  Jessica




Please try to attend the January meeting as we’ll be electing officers for 2014. We’ll be posting information on our web site prior to the meeting about the positions we think we need to fill, and the possible duties of the each position.


Please try to make and wear a name tag to our meetings so new members and guests can learn everyone’s names.




Jessica shared some breaking news from the PMQG. They’re planning a meet-up and exhibit in Portland in 2014. They’re brainstorming to come up with ideas for a Pacific Northwest challenge for August 2014.


Thanks to Viki for donating some quilting books to anyone that wanted to take them.  




The December Swap was an ornament, holiday or winter theme.




We had refreshments and played a “strip game.”


For the strip game, we passed around three 2 ½” X WOF strips. The game is played using dice that are coded for left, right, or center. The last person holding a strip gets to keep all of the strips that end up in the center. Kelly was the winner. You should have seen her excitement at winning.