Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trippin scrappy style! Rehash to get you in the mood for Wednesday...

June was a scrappy trip sew party... Kelly brought in many of her "trips" she has made and each was unique and a FABULOUS way to bust the scraps!

Here is a process shot of the assembly of my first block... once you figure out that first one-- (how ever long it takes!) you are golden! Lillian and I both made a few-- we weren't too chatty-- I promise! ;)

By the end of the night our "Little Green House" group finished 12 and they are SO fun to play with!

Thanks Kelly for a fun night!  If anyone else has a little tute to share, or a desire to lead a mini workshop talk to Kelly... we'll get you on the calendar.  If you want to be a part of the "Little Green House" crew (LGH crew-- representin'!)... see you Wednesday!  Hand sewing projects are welcome too!


(next month... the update will be even more prompt!  i.e. i won't lose the pics in my iPhoto app!)