Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston, Bean town... quilters, friends...

What do we do?  How do we mend our hearts?  How do we connect to each other in a time of disconnection?

Quilters make.
Quilters give.

Here are two projects going on over the next month to help send the community of Boston love... and the notion that we are part of them, a community, hurting and rising above.

Quilts for Boston
To Boston with Love

I (Jessica) am going to make a few peace flags for the "To Boston with Love" project started by the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.  If any of you want to join me, I am willing to be in charge of sending the flags to Boston, if someone can pick up the flags from the May meeting.  They all need to be in Boston by May 31.  The VMQG site has very specific (easy) instructions for making the flags, they have no batting and it wouldn't take long to make a one or a few. They are planning on displaying them publicly this summer and while it can't take away the horror of the bombs... Beauty and Community can do a lot to help the healing process.

Have a wonderful day.