Tuesday, February 12, 2013

QuiltCon Charity Quilt Project

I wanted to share this email I received today: 

"This email is to let you know your Austin Children's Shelter Charity Quilt was received and will be hanging at QuiltCon.

The Quilts look stunning and it is so great to see all of the amazing talent that was offered up and generously donated. You are all awesome! Please tell your guilds thank you. We look forward to giving these quilts to ACS and also for sharing all of the hard work on the MQG blog.


On that note, here are pictures of the process of our QuiltCon quilt we did as a guild!

In November we received these incredible blocks & at put the option to the guild members to make some more blocks if they so chose.  

Additional blocks arrived at our December and January meetings.  Along with donations of backing, sashing, batting, quilting & shipping monies.  

In January a few ladies got together one evening at OSR to piece the top. 

Jessica was a wiz with the math for sashing thank goodness!  

Our finished top at the end of the evening.

Wavy line quilting in light grey.

White on white quilting

Then more wavy line quilting in colored thread and large stitches. 

Scrappy binding and this fun backing made a fabulously fun quilt. 

Add the label & a sleeve for display at QuiltCon before it is donated. 

Boxed it up & shipped it off.  

Thank you to all who helped us accomplish this quilt!  

Those ladies that are going to QuiltCon will be sure to have their picture taken with our quilt on display...stay tuned for that!