Friday, December 28, 2012

Miss Bee December ~ Kathleen

Paper Piecing is the name of the game this month.  Thanks to Kathleen we get to have fun with a method of piecing that some of us have never tried.  Thanks Kathleen for the vote of Confidence.  We will be making a Paper Pieced Star often referred to as Star Dance.

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Kathleen – Quilt Bee December
Answers to questions
A) Quilting History:  My only sewing experience consisted of garment making for myself and my dolls starting in grade school.  After I retired in 2001, I volunteered at lots of different businesses and hospitals until I realized I needed a different “hobby”.  In 2005 I started working with Comforts For Children helping with making kits to be distributed.  Having absolutely no quilt skills at the time, it was a huge learning experience.  After a while, I started becoming possessive of the kits I put together and started bringing them home to put together.  I started taking classes offered at different quilt shops for beginners.  I joined Emerald Valley Quilters in 2007 which gave me more opportunities to learn different techniques about quilting. 
 B) Quilting means to me:   I love working with my hands and like to see a project go from pieces to a finished object.  I find it very meditative and enjoy the satisfaction that it gives me.  It lifts my spirit when I am depressed. 
 C) Why be a  part of the Bee:  I joined the Bee in order to get to know ladies in the quilt guild.  I opened myself up to try new things and it has really broadened my scope of knowledge from traditional quilting to improvisational quilting.   I didn’t know what to expect but have enjoyed the challenge it has brought me.
D)  Why this project?  Wanting to make something for someone, I asked my husband if there was a quilt he’d like to have using my quilting method of choice (Paper piecing).  After going through my quilt books, he picked Peggy Martin’s “Autumn Dance.”  Once the project was picked, he picked out all the fabrics for it.  I am asking each member of the Bee to making only four Star Dance blocks and make up two pairs (two 6” squares).  This method is called strip piecing and the instructions are included with the packet.  If you would rather not use this method, I believe there is enough fabric to make the four Star Dave blocks.  I would like any remaining fabric returned with your completed squares.  If you have troubles you can contact me through the comments section here and I will try to reply.  If you chose not to tackle the block, please give it back to me.

The above link is Peggy giving instructions on the exact block (Star Dance) you will be doing.