Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sew Weekend and how we are not going to get fossilized... You want to read this one!

We did it!  We had our first Sew-In, October 27-28.  Wanda totally made it happen and I am so, so glad. Thank you Wanda!  Thank you everyone who showed up to sew!  I had such a good time that it was only at the end of each day that I remembered to snap a few shots to share with all of  you. (There were more people here than I captured... but you know what happens to me on Sew days... a lot of talk talk talk.)
Kira's star!
Wanda's latest "tossed coins" variation
Wanda and Lela were working so hard that their motion blurred the shot!  Iron like the wind!
Missy collected a few bee blocks.  Love the stars!
And there was plenty of time for us all to chat and hang out.
Denise is here, plotting her domination of this fun pattern.  She chose a jelly roll of "Little Black Dress" by Basic Grey for Moda.
By the end of the day that quilt top was FINISHED and ready for quilting (Maybe it will be ready for show and tell this week?!!) (Next to Denise is Kim's Asian quilt-- one of 4 she worked on, ambitious much?)
Here are my scrapings from my rainbow birthday charm pack (a birthday present from my wonderful son, Ben) Yes folks, not only did I FINISH 2 tops (ca-ching!) but I also let myself start a totally new project!
This was just a fast layout possibility that I played with right before we had to clean up and go home.  WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND!!

To follow one first with another-- we are going to have our first changing of the guard!!


Starting this Guild, this group of friends, has been so very special to me.  It is one of the bright spots in my life.  The last few years have been some of my hardest ever, but every month I know that I have a happy place to go-- where every body knows my name... (am I dating myself with that reference?)  My dream for our group has never been to lead it forever.  I have other things that I would like to accomplish within our group, things that I am so excited about having time to do.  A change in leadership will allow our group to grow and change in to something even more fun than it is now.  We do not what to get fossilized or burnt out with what we are currently doing-- Right?!

What I am proposing right now, is for each of us to really think about what we have to commit to the growth of EMQG.  Do you have a talent to share?  A strong voice?  A desire to organize?  A yen to connect with other guilds and plan activities?  Think about this-- each and every one of us has done the hard part and just admitted that we like to quilt and we can't help ourselves.  We have found a group of people that understands this, and accepts us for it.  It is a good thing.  What can you contribute and even better, what do you want to contribute?  EMQG wants it all.

The next few months we are going to do some soul-searching, you and me and all of us.  We are going to come up with some new jobs/titles and ways to better spread out our responsibilities.  We are going to move our group to the next level--- The conversation begins in January... new year, new stuff.  Simple.

I want you to:
--Figure out what you want to have happen
--Figure out how you want to help make it happen
--Talk about it
--Send me emails
--Send Denise emails
--Make comments here, if you are so bold

Let's stir the pot and see what we can make!

(I hear you all thinking-- no rules, no dues, have fun-- I am thinking that too.  We can keep what we like and still evolve, I promise!)

See you Wednesday!