Monday, October 29, 2012


Tis the season for leftovers.  Before we all tire of them... lets kick the season off with a fun and QUILTY game of LEFTOVERS.  Ya ya, I made that name up.  Some of you may be familiar with this game.  It is the quilty version of LEFT RIGHT CENTER.

We will play at the NOVEMBER MEETING.

TO PLAY:  All you do to play is bring 5-10 Strips 2 1/2 x WOF  (the more you bring the more chances to stay in the game, but no more than 10)

 Note:  as we are a modern quilt guild please bring fabrics that lean to a sense of modern in color and pattern. THX

When you arrive we will set up tables based on how many players we have.  Anyone can join anytime.  There will be a set of dice at each table that have Left, Right, Star, and Dot on them.
For every L - pass a strip to the left

For every R - pass a strip to the right

For every Star - pass a strip to the center

For every Dot - you don't have to pass, just keep it for your next turn

All players remain at the table during play and simply pass when they are empty.  Those strips keep coming and going.  Play continues until the last strip.... the one holding that is the winner!!  They win all the leftovers!

Sounds fun right?!?!?  So start rounding up your leftover strips from past jelly rolls, or cut your own from your existing stash or head to your local quilt shop to pick up some fresh modern fabrics.  Remember to be accurate with those 2 1/2 inch cuts by WOF.  ("width of fabric" in case there are any newbies out there that don't want to ask!)

If enough of us are playing each table winner will walk away with the equivalent of a JELLY ROLL.

And WINNER BEWARE:  we will expect you to show up by the January meeting with a fabulous strip project in hand.  Please Please Please use your newly acquired strips to put together a project for the January show and tell.  You can do it!!!

Here are some strippy inspirations to get you started...

Sew.... Let's Play!