Monday, September 3, 2012

Miss BEE ~ August Jen

BEE BLOCK:  Disappearing 9 Patch

Jen, Miss Bee August

a. Tell us a little bit of your quilting history and experience~
My first quilt was a blanket I made when I was pregnant with my second child. I knew it was a boy, and I decided to decorate his room in a celestial theme. I bought three fabrics from the fabric store and the quilt had big blocks-like 5x5", and alternated between two star fabrics on the front, and a solid cloud fabric on the back. The batting was polyester and I tied it. When I look at it now, it makes me laugh, it is so elementary. 

Fast forward 10 years, and I started quilting again. In the interim my sewing machine had been used for paper collage. Description: 

I have focused mostly on baby quilts. 
My first "real" quilt was a 9x9 quilt, made about 2 years ago. It was a pattern of 9 squares that made up 9 squares. Very simple. I made it for a co-worker at school that was having her first baby. It's also embarrassingly simple with tons of mistakes in it. The binding was quite wonky. The same summer I made a tree of life quilt for another friend-VERY AMBITIOUS for a newbie. It was appliqued, and I used a fabric fusing technique. It didn't stay completely together. I also didn't think ahead for how it would be quilted without ruining/interrupting the image on the front. Luckily the recipients of both of these quilts  are close friends that love me no matter how wonky the quilts I made were. 

I've made many projects since then, and I've made lots of purses, bags and clothes. The experience of getting into quilting has made me feel more confident with my sewing machine in general. 

b. What does Quilting mean to you?
I find it so rewarding to make something, especially as a gift, that was completely made by my hands and with love. I also knit, but I find quilting to actually be more rewarding and relaxing to me. I tend to need to have accomplishment and something feeling "finished." There are more steps in quilting that make me feel like I've accomplished lots of little goals along the way. In knitting I don't feel that way. 

I also am addicted to fabric much more than I am to yarn. I inherited the love of textiles from my mom.  My mom is an avid quilter, sews clothes and weaver.  She has been working with a machine and fabric since she was a teenager. She always had a sewing room, multiple machines, a loom, spinning wheel, etc. She has more fabric than any of you, TRUST ME. 

c. Why did you want to be part of a BEE?
I wanted to challenge myself to learn something new. Plus, I like deadlines. I've gotten a bit behind on a few of yours, but I promise I am (usually) very dependable! I need to learn new techniques, and I figured this was the best way to learn how. 

d. Tell us what we get to make this month with you.  What are the reasons or thoughts behind your choice of block/design/project for the bee.

Oh goodness. I just picked a bunch of coordinating fabrics I had in my stash already, and a simple pattern. I wanted to make a BIG quilt, since I've done so many baby ones, so I decided to make it so I could spread these blocks out (each of you will have 4 blocks to give me after you cut the 9x9 block into fourths) and I can add sashing, etc. I'm not usually big on patterns, so this kind of freedom is nice for me. 

Please add any links, pictures, or inspiration points you would like at this point.  Or I will try to find some online to include in the post.

Here are some quilts that are similar to my inspiration. I think it’s called a “Disappearing 9-Patch.”

Thanks so much for making my Bee Block!