Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Something White Swap! Love of Quilting Addiction!

1. white lace toilet paper holder, 2. Reversible Fabric Headband - Black and White Flowers, 3. Red & White Tote, 4. black and white apron, 5. Sewing machine cover from the back, 6. sewing travel case - filled, 7. White and Blue Tape Measure Purse, 8. Tübingen Wasp Bag, 9. Felt Ruffle Pillow, 10. ALFALC Dec selvage pincushion, 11. Monday - washing day, 12. Camera Strap, 13. Steps pillow cover , 14. ~ red ~, 15. Sewing machine cover, 16. Felt Circles Pillow

This post was started early this afternoon... then there was a weeding incident.  Then time on the couch for a sore back and I began again... then 3 episodes of Love of Quilting (I <3 DVR!) FINALLY, I had to get serious and turn off all of that Mary Ann and Mary banter, for some reason I found it so funny tonight. Nothing like a mom and daughter trying to do a project together and then both wanting to be right and in charge but also SO kind about it.  They were just too cute. TOO CUTE!  I had been missing Liz, but the Mary Ann/Mary mix is growing on me.  But I digress...

Apparently we are meeting this week?  Is anyone lost in Summer like I am?  The kids and I are just flowing from day to day, not really knowing what day of the week it is... I was sad to miss #talknt today (it is a Tuesday night Twitter chat about sewing and quilting and fabric-- all things good and tasty!), and commented on some one's instagram photo, only to have 2 people point out that today is actually MONDAY! (notice all the linkys I gave you!)  But I digress...

Meeting-- Wednesday. 6:30 for Chatting-- 7:00 for Learning (?)

Swapping-- sumthin White

Talking-- 'bout Design Walls and Quilt shows-- open forum let's talk about how we layout our quilts!  Are you still working on the floor?  Hurting your back, your knees?  I've been looking around, trying some stuff and I know that you all have too. There are all different methods people are using to  Bring your idea to share or your questions to ask.  We all will learn a thing or 2.  Encouragement to enter a quilt show found here!!

Showing and Telling-- Bring your blocks, tops, quilts, and sample blocks!  It'll be fun!

I also am interested in hearing about the Sisters show-- I drove all the way there and landed in time for the RAIN STORM OF THE DECADE.  Truly, there was hail and rain the likes of which you would not believe-- but I did hide on a porch with some nice ladies from Boring and Gresham.  We talked guilds and things and laughed at the rain shooting off the Subaru in the driveway soaking our feet.  There are worse ways to spend a quilt show. I would love to see your pics!

Last months wrap up... it went missing for a bit and perhaps it will be live by meeting time (so sorry.  I will do my best.

See you Wednesday!


P.S. There is a GREAT art quilt show at the Eugene Textile Center.  I was especially fond of the silk pieces and the printed corset.  So fun to see all sorts of different types of quilting, the staff there was so fun to chat with too. Thanks Lillian for the reminder to share the good news!