Monday, July 2, 2012

Miss Bee JUNE ~ Lillian

Snails Trails
snail's trail quilt pattern, snails trail quilt pattern

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INTERVIEW Questions answered by Lillian:

a. A little bit of your quilting history and experience.
My siblings and I have always been crafty, encouraged and supported by our mom and grandma. The first quilt I made was in 1979 before the birth of my first child. It was a very simple piece and making it got me thinking quilting. We were living in Little Rock , Arkansas at the time, a quilting hot spot.   I went to the local quilt show and was totally blown away. I remember thinking that quilting was too much to take on with a newborn and it would be something to do when I had more time . . . that kid’s college graduation in 2002 coincided with the finishing of my first full-sized quilt. And I haven’t stopped.

b. What Quilting means to you.
Rearranging stuff, playing with colors and textures, creating balance between movement and stillness, tricking the eyes, giving quilts to people in my life who are deserving of one.

c. Why you wanted to join a bee.
I like to collaborate with o the rs. I first attended MQG midway through the last bee and proceeded to be so thoroughly awed with the monthly variations, I knew wanted to be involved, too.

d. The reasons or thoughts behind your choice of block/design/project for the bee.
This snail’s trail pattern has been in my ‘to make’ file for quite a while – thanks for helping, everyone!