Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Something Yellow.

1. Yellow mini corner, 2. Yellow Ladybug Purse, 3. Bright Yellow Daisy Rag Quilt Pincushion, 4. Scissor Holder yellow, 5. wall organizer, 6. yellow cushions, 7. Sewn bag-front, 8. Puzzle fabrics, 9. playing card holder, 10. Tie One On Yellow, 11. Mr Moose and Blocks, 12. yellow bow tie, 13. Double Sided Napkin, 14. Yellow Chevron Wallet, 15. Sunflower kanzashi, 16. Drawstring bag for x stitch project, 17. Yellow Clutch!, 18. Measure-Up Brooch, 19. Honey Jar Covers Kit - Yellow Gingham, 20. Monster Ninni, 21. 212/365, 22. Untitled, 23. Żółta pasiasta, 24. Sandpiper Apron, 25. Half Dresden Pillows Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Well, at least the tech issues are solved and blogger is working now!

Late, but still a helpful reminder (I hope), we are meeting tomorrow to swap "Something Yellow".  In addition to our swap Nancy is doing a demo of her Accuquilt Go! cutter and showing us how to machine sew hexagons... there is a trick, but Nancy's got it!

We also will be doing Show and Tell, so bring your wonderful quilts, tops, blocks and let us all share in the hard work you have been doing. (I did not finish my curves sample block from last month, but THIS SATURDAY IS A SEW DAY [kinda snuck up on me!] and I think that I can do both this month's and last!)

Sew Days consist of us showing up at OUR SEWING ROOM between 10-5 and working on our own projects.  Sometime (usually noonish) we do a little demo where we work on the sample block together.  We usually finish in good time because we get hungry.  There are some good places to eat in near OUR SEWING ROOM, so some of us get take out and some bring lunch from home, and then eat in the lovely kitchen area.  I hope that you will join us, it is a nice time to chat, but also to cut out a big project, baste a quilt, or finish something you have just been wanting to get some work done on.