Monday, June 11, 2012

Is it "Modern" or is it a mess? Recap of May's meeting

MAY 16---whoa that was a LOOOOOOng time ago.  Don't know what to say about that... except I have been quilting and I hope you have been too!

On to the recap!

(Wanda was our wonderful recorder so the quotes are from her ;)

"Jessica noted that the reverse side of the night’s signup sheet listed some jobs seeking volunteers.  Among the jobs listed and volunteers were:  Photographer—Lillian; Meeting Notes—Wanda and Deanna"

<3 Wanda <3
<3 Lillian <3 
Thanks you guys!!  You are an awesome help!

"Jessica led us in a lively discussion of setting blocks.  We used two ‘design walls’ and the blocks we made during a recent [Habitat]challenge. 

"Modern Twist"
Working with the blocks and considering scale and value we came up with a design on point.  We critiqued the arrangement of blocks and made changes.  Amazing how a few changes in blocks changes the look."
More Traditional Twist

Is it Modern or is it a Mess?
"On the second design wall we worked with the other blocks, many of which were different sizes.  We critiqued and rearranged the blocks until we were satisfied with the results.We discussed colors for the sashings on both projects.  Jessica asked if guild members had solid color fabrics to donate.  Wanda volunteered she had black as well as white fabrics." Denise is putting together the "On Pointe" quilt.
The second one is still looking for a volunteer.

Jessica here-- I want to thank everyone for participating in arranging the blocks and being willing to ask questions of each other about "What is a more Modern setting vs. a more Traditional setting?"  I thought that our meeting really challenged each of us to express what "Modern" means to us individually and as a group.  The discussion can/will continue and I am thrilled that we can interpret this "new" moniker in OUR own way.

The April Bee blocks were a fun mix of improv and pattern-- Denise, you are a lucky woman!

"Folks were in pink spirits tonight!  Even many of the bag wrappings were decorated in pink!  As you can see, the array of items was gorgeous."  

A few of our April Sample blocks... single wedding star.  I (Jessica) still have some copies of the templates that I made, if anyone has a hankering to make one. 
Look I finished one! My seams even matched up pretty well!  I contend that the paper-pieced "square in a square" corners were more satisfying than the ones I pieced as a modified snowball block.  I could get addicted to those crisp corners!!
I began the Show and Tell portion by sharing my EMQG Bee 2011 quilt.  It was such a good finish for me, it really felt like I could move on to the next great project (FINALLY!)  Thanks to everyone who made a block or multiple blocks!  I would love it if you would sign the label.  I think this will be a fun Fair entry for us!
Lillian brought in a beautiful diamond garden quilt. (I can't remember the name of the pattern! Yikes!)  She ended up figuring out the math, so that there weren't any partial diamonds, the effect is beautiful!
Nelda has gotten RIGHT down to work on a quilt to donate to "Donate Life" for a raffle.  She started this after she met up with us at the sew day in Feb (?) and we made Granny Square sample blocks.  I think that she is moving directly towards a beautiful finish.
Kira's wonderful chevron setting of railfence blocks shows how a simple block can be elevated by using bold colors.
She used a beautiful large scale print on the back and effectively made a 2-sided quilt!  Nice Work!
Agnes worked with a restrained palette to make a pretty baby quilt that even the most "Mod" parent will adore!  Love that yellow!
Anne shared a wonderful quilt that is an effective value study of dark and light, if I remember correctly this one is a favorite napping quilt of her husbands.  What a pretty quilt to nap under!
Leela was inspired by an earlier show and tell quilt of Kelly's--- to make this fantastic scrappy quilt.  What a great way to use a bunch of scraps, I love how the yellow pieces in here made the quilt sparkle.
Judy shared a fun quilt with a beautiful arrangement of reds on a gentle grey background.  I love the effect the black 4-patches give on pointe.

Of course Virginia was so excited about the pink theme this month-- she made a quilt-as-you-go table runner, similar to the one Denise showed us in April.  I love that "Go-get-em" spirit!


*Wednesday, June 20, EMQG Meeting at EWEB Building, 7:00 to 8:30 pm.  The swap color is yellow.  Nancy said that she would love to come and show us the GO! fabric cutter and some slick tips on sewing hexies together with a machine! (I gotta see this!)  Bring your show and tell-- and your theories on Modern quilting!  See you soon!

*Saturday, June 23 10-5 Sew Day @ OUR SEWING ROOM