Friday, June 22, 2012

EMQG Sample Block- June 1012

Greetings!  Is it just me or is the 4th Saturday following IMMEDIATELY after the 3rd Wednesday an awful lot this year?!  Seems like there should be a week between or something... apparently 2012 just has a lot of weekends?  It doesn't feel like enough to me!  Anyway to get us on track... the Sample Block!!

I looked a bit and couldn't find a block that I wanted to snuggle up to so I made one for us.  It has a modern flair and a space for a little embroidery, if you desire to add it!

This block consists of 8 1.5" hexagons, appliquéd to a 12.5"x12.5" block.  The white hexagon in the corner is embroidered with a backstitch and the lettering can be done in chain stitch for a bolder look or in backstitch for an thinner line.  We can piece the block using Nancy's machine method from Wednesday's meeting or using the English paper piecing methods that we learned last year when Caroline (Trillium Design) came to visit.  If I have time tonight I will take pics and write up a more specific tutorial, most likely I will take pictures during the sew day tomorrow to post a tutorial.

Here are some great links to get you on the right path:

English Paper Piecing:

Snippets and Blabbery- Paper templates you can print out. A great tutorial for paperless assembly.  - (Edited) templates that are precut for you to order and design worksheets you can print out. (they recommend 3.5" squares for 1.5" hexagons.) (the site is full of good stuff)

sew happy geek - great step by step visual for basting and hand sewing hexies together.

Katie's quilting - A way to make your own plastic templates

Badskirt amy - nice pdf, great graphics

I called The Quilt Patch and Piece by Piece and both carry the paper templates, but call ahead and check for sizes.

Machine Pieced-
So happy to sew - nice pictures, easy to follow

Tallgrass Prairie Studio - no marking with this method!!

--I better get my kids some lunch and get working on my block!