Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sew Day

Take 2


Ok so my original plan was to show tips/tricks on doing the Retro Flowers quilt block; a block I just mastered myself, but copyright issues were questioned, hence I found a similar pattern with the same elements.  

I wanted us all who are participating in the sampler to try curves....gasp! : ) along with piecing.

I will bring templates for those who would like to participate.  Here are some links to online tutorials in case you want to look ahead of time (I will bring my laptop):

Sometimes Crafter  She has a tute for a large block.

McCalls Quilting  A block with smaller pieces in the floral arrangement.

Needle and Spatula  Wonky block

Moda Bakeshop  Dance in Circles
There are tons more out there, but these are just the ones I really liked (that is the great part about being the writer...I get to pick what I like to share with you all..hee hee)
If you are in town this weekend come and join us at Our Sewing Room from 10-5 on Saturday 5/26. 
We will chat, laugh, and maybe get some sewing done! : )