Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pinky pinky!!

1. Kawaii Japanese Handnade Plush Kigurumi Bunka Doll Cloth Doll Art Toy Cute Baby Pink Sewing Japan, 2. cathedral windows pink block, 3. felt and fabric coaster, 4. Amy Butler's Style Stitches No. 2 - Reversible Everyday Shopper, 5. Pink and patchy, 6. Sewing Day, 7. pink bunting flags, 8. Rose scented little balls in a glass and a Heart Pincushion, 9. Pink and White Tape Measure Purse, 10. BabyBuddy- pink dino, 11. Presente da Helen, 12. Day Twenty-Three- Pink Doily Pillow Form, 13. simple tote, from bend-the-rules sewing, 14. the-pink-rabbit, 15. pink corsages, 16. Pink Bag

Have you guys made your swap item yet?  I haven't, so we all know what I will be doing today!  Things are getting out late because... is life just moving in fast forward for you too?  Seems like the sun starts shining and then there are at least 8 hours MORE of tasks a day- no complaining from me!!  I <3 that sun!!

May's meeting is going to be a more interactive get together-- swap and Show and Tell time, OF COURSE!  But also I am going to set up some "design walls" so that we can organize the Habitat blocks... remember those?  Well, I have been carrying them around with me to every meeting and sew day and there always seems to be SOMETHING else to attend to.  I think that I need to stop!  I do know that we have a bunch of new quilters as well as seasoned quilters-- I think it could be a great recipe for some active discussion regarding setting options and the sashing/no sashing options.  It is also fun to try out different settings to see which one really makes a group of blocks "SING."  It will be a fun exercise in designing YOUR OWN QUILT!! In case that is something that challenges you.

See you tomorrow night!  If you could also read the last post and respond that would be FABULOUS!!  Those of you who did, MUCHAS GRACIAS!!